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Two new features on the WW website

We've unveiled two new features on the site this week which we hope you'll enjoy.

Our new boat planner is a fun but useful tool which helps you to design your ideal narrowboat. You simply choose your bow and stern style; drag and drop components onto a foot-square grid; and then add lines and labels to finish. You can save your boat, too, and come back and refine it later.

We'll be adding more features in the weeks to come, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, do let us know - in the comments here, or by e-mail.

We've also launched our new Picture of the Day feature. WW has a superb collection of archive pictures, from 35 years of the magazine and further back still - but we don't have room to print more than a handful in the magazine. So, most days, WW assistant editor Chris Daniels will be selecting a particularly interesting photo from the archives, and posting it on our 'Latest' page. Our first picture is from the famous china commercial traffic on the Caldon Canal - take a look. You can, of course, leave comments if you know more about the scene!

Friday 20 June  | Richard Fairhurst  | 4.54pm, Friday 20 June 2008

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