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EA backs down on Thames lock houses

The Environment Agency has withdrawn its plan to sell off lock-keepers' houses on the Thames - and confirmed that every lock will continue to have a resident keeper.

Only five of the EA's 57 houses will be sold, and those are all away from the locks. The 45 locks will each continue to have one or more lock-houses each with a resident keeper. The staff currently resident in the five houses to be sold will be encouraged to move to a vacant lockside property, but the EA has promised that no lock-keeper will be made redundant or homeless. Thames campaigners are, understandably, jubilant at the decision.

According to Howard Davidson, regional director of the Environment Agency: "We have listened carefully to staff, MPs, river users and those who live in the flood plain, who all raised objections to our original proposals announced earlier this year. We have carried out a full review into this, and issues such as flood risk and our response to incidents outside normal working hours have been key. As a result, we have reached the conclusion that keeping a resident lock and weir keeper at each of our 45 sites along the Thames is the sensible way forward."

Thursday 4 December  | Richard Fairhurst  | 11.17am, Thursday 4 December 2008


Great News. A victory to the people!

Dot and Derek  | 9.21PM, Thursday 4 December

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