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The fuel debate. As we are planning a move back from Aus to UK as a constant traveller in retirement, the suggestion is that if permanently moored one will not be subject to the EU required taxes. I read also that if the craft is your primary residence one would also be exempt the taxes. Does this include constant travellers. Can you provide any advice as the impact could be significant.

Asked by: Kerry Brown  | Sunday 15 September, 3.28am | 2 answers

what size inverter

-what size inverter should i use for very brief/short use of electric drill or angle grinder 1000 watts max. also a computer
-is pure sine wave worth getting
-i find that charging my laptop while in use from a very small inverter causes screen fluctuations , would this be corrected with a pure sine wave unit?
im aware that they can over heat and do drain the batteries quickly.
am assuming that as wattage increases so does the price but i dont know by how much

Asked by: mb  | Thursday 12 September, 11.55am | 1 answer

finding red diesel outside the canal system

wish to transport red diesel to my boat but am having much trouble finding red diesel outside the canal system [for collection]
have phoned dozens of places , interested in suppliers near Cosgrove/milton Keynes or bristol
i keep missing the fuel boat .
thought there might be a list somewhere

Asked by: mb  | Thursday 12 September, 11.41am | 1 answer

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