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Clyde Puffer

Scotland's best-loved boats, the Clyde Puffer. BBC4 For 30 days from Sunday 20.01.19

Asked by: Gary  | Sunday 20 January, 9.06pm | no answers yet - add one

Is it 'sluice' or 'paddle'?

Two recent dramatic stories, of a person and a dog rescued after being sucked down by open lock paddles, lead me to wonder, is the whole thing (the lock winding gear and the passageway that carries the water) called a paddle or a sluice, or what?

Asked by: Andrew Denny  | Friday 18 January, 10.36am | 2 answers

"Outboards, power of TORQUE what rivers can I go on ?"

Knowing what torque is, but not knowing what it is capable of on rivers like the tidal Trent and others as love to visit all inland waterways in UK (not Scotland) The engine held the boat stationary OK by Denver sluice lock on the tidal side with a good current not in flood. Mark Smedley said in his super article (Feb 2019) he wished to go to Hull presumably along the coast from the Yorkshire Ouse. Would he need an engine upgrade ? I would not be keen with a 25 HP outboard to attempt The Wash, even a short skip.
I have on my boat an Mercury 25 HP (18.39 kw) EFI 3 cylinder 526 cubic capacity (cc), Four Stroke outboard with alternator power 186 Watt, 15 amp. For the record the gear ratio is 1.92:1 2-valve single overhead cam. Prop that came with the engine as new in 2014. With an hydraulic trim for tilting the engine.
Engine fitted to a Viking 28 narrow beam (NB) cruiser (Viking Cruisers, Dunmow, Essex). We will take it the hull is clean and hull shape is ??

Asked by: Gary  | Friday 11 January, 2.35pm | 3 answers

Solar Panals & Battery Charger

Is it possible to connect a 240v land line connected Battery charger to my domestic battery bank whilst my solar panals are still connected without causing any damage or creating any problems ?

Asked by: Chris Burton  | Wednesday 9 January, 8.19pm | 1 answer

Which way round for your bed

Which way round should one fit a double bed in a narrow boat so the boat does not wobble at night ?

Asked by: Gary  | Wednesday 9 January, 2.06am | 1 answer


A conversation I had over a dinner table, I was boring my friend talking about Narrowboats again,he said why can't we capture the energy of the water running through our locks, this sparked an hour of conversation with a guy with no interest in our waterways imagine what it could dowith people actually interested in the subject , for instance energy produced from a 10/20 lock flight, I have no knowledge of how, but sure it could be sorted out over a couple of pints what do you think?

Asked by: doug  | Tuesday 8 January, 5.22pm | 2 answers

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