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Air gap behing thermal insulation panels

In a recent article you referred to a recommendation for an 'air gap' behind thermal insulation panels fitted close to on board stove, this being backed up by a detailed sketch from the Solid Fuel Technology Institute. This is recommended as otherwise the boat wall will get hot. I accept this.
I write to ask if this best advice gas been re-assessed in the light of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. That fire had issues over air gaps and cladding. Metal boats flex and seals easily beak going undetected which could easily result in untamed flames hunting oxygen and causing further fire spread for example into the roof lining. I my day job I am a Chartered Surveyor specialising in residential property, and I can clearly see a very uncomfortable parallel here.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Many Thanks
Chris Marriott FRICS

Asked by: Chris Marriott  | Sunday 18 November, 7.51pm | 1 answer

noise from narrowboat prop shaft

I have a wining noise on my Isuzu engined (hours 2800) 8 year old narrowboat only in forward gear nothing in neuteral or in reverse.I have had the propeller repaired has it was slightly damaged also tried a borrowed prop but still have the wining squeeling noise,I have been advised its your engine mounts, gearbox, cutlass bearing, which does not seem to have any play in it on dry dock inspection.Any idea's on what to try next I may change engine mounts 4X £50.50 seem a bit expensive.

Asked by: mike farmer  | Wednesday 14 November, 8.10pm | 4 answers

Black particals in diesel tank

Hi just put the boat to bed for the winter, I sampled the bottom of the diesel tank, no sludge and a good clear diesel but did find small black and soft particles which I picked up from the bottom of the aluminium tank,I treat the diesel with marine 16 DBT any thoughts appreciated.

Asked by: doug  | Tuesday 13 November, 8.01pm | 3 answers

Mushroom Vents to let light in?

I am looking at ways to get more light in to my soon-to-be-purchased narrowboat that only has small portholes and no roof lights. Can I replace the current metal Mushroom Vents with ones that will light through? If so where will I be able to obtain them from please?

Asked by: Neil Murfitt  | Monday 12 November, 1.49pm | 5 answers

Multi fuel stove

We want a multifuel stove installing in our sailaway narrowboat, does the chimney have to be double skinned as I've heard new boat fires have to be double skinned .

Asked by: Vince Sherlock  | Wednesday 7 November, 4.41pm | 3 answers

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