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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Types of heating

I'm buying a 40' steel narrowboat which has only a small multi fuel stove for heating. What are my options for supplementing it? What's the best option for effectiveness, cost of installation, etc?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Sunday 19 January, 10.34am | 1 answer

AGM batteries / mppt controllers

Hello you wonderful people. I have recently bought a 305w solar panel and kit for my narrow boat,it has a epever xtra n series xds2 mppt charge controller . My 2 leisure batteries are gpl-31t lifeline AGM 105ah, are the batteries and controller compatible ?, I'm asking as AGM batteries are not mentioned in the controller's instruction booklet . Thank you all.

Asked by: jean-marc bedos  | Saturday 18 January, 4.50pm | 5 answers

Diesel Bug clean-up

Hi My narrowboat has fallen foul to the dreaded Diesel-bug. I have used a recommended additive to kill it but this has left a varnish like residue on the bottom of the fuel tank.
Given that the only access to the tank is the filler. How do you remove this residue and clean the system.
I cannot find any company to do this can you help.

Asked by: Barry Dallas  | Wednesday 15 January, 1.25pm | 2 answers

Water tank

Our stainless steel 650lt water tank is 15 years old, when filling and emptying it the sides of the tank bang. Are the welds likely to fail with the flexing as the water level changes?

Asked by: Andrew McLaughlin  | Monday 13 January, 10.54pm | 2 answers

Incinerator Toilets and power use

Hi, I am looking at having a Cinderella toilet installed on my new build boat and while researching both the gas and electric options I thought about ongoing costs. The gas version gives about 120 "flushes" per 13KG bottle. This cost is excluded if you look at the electric version. The specification states that each incineration requires 2KWH - a 230/240V supply fused at 10A. I am planning on continually cruising, having a domestic battery bank of 5X100AH Relion Lithium Ion batteries, a 1250W solar array and a 5KW invertor. Would this set up allow me to have the electric version.

Asked by: John Towse  | Monday 13 January, 5.12pm | 2 answers

12v vs 240v

I'm buying a used narrowboat. Our last one had 12 and 240 volt electric systems. Most of the boats I'm seeing, especially the smaller ones, are 12v only.
Are there any disadvantages to 12v only?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Sunday 12 January, 8.52pm | 2 answers


After running the engine up to temperature the water level in the bowman cooler needs topping up every time (about a litre)I then see water mixed with a little oil in the engine bilge

Asked by: JOHN NORRIS  | Friday 10 January, 4.54pm | 1 answer

Reversing a boat

I operate single handedly. Are there any innovative ideas for reversing a narrowboat? Should I be able to do it without a bow thruster? Why does a boat veer when reversing?
Martin Daltrey

Asked by: Andrew Denny  | Thursday 9 January, 10.02am | 1 answer

Battery Drain

I have a fairly new narrowboat, and noticed that when I left it for 10 days without a landline connection the battery discharged much more than expected. My Mastervolt Lite battery monitor shows 0.4A draw even when the batteries are isolated. The boat builder explained that all the boats he builds have the same amperage going out when the isolators are engaged, (because of the Webasto?) I am concerned that if left without a landline for a month or more the batteries would discharge completely. Is this a normal situation?

Asked by: Stephen Gainsley  | Tuesday 7 January, 5.20pm | 3 answers

A Broads cruiser planning a first-time trip on the Thames

I've had a 35ft cruiser on the Broads for 20 years, with occasional short coastal passages that I really enjoy (I used to be a North Sea diver and aren't afraid of the sea). I've never been up the Thames and never taken the boat though a river lock, but I always wanted to.
I had a serious heart operation recently but recovered well, and now want to go right up the Thames. Friends will come with me - how should I plan this 'bucket list' trip?
Graham Taylor

Asked by: Andrew Denny  | Tuesday 7 January, 12.25pm | 4 answers

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