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Coal and wet wood ban - 2023 ??? !!!!!

Below are the current rules as at 21st Feb. 2020, (web site will update) Nothing regarding boat stoves - follow rules in the area your boat is in at any given time.
what can be burnt in England https://smokecontrol.defra.gov.uk/fuels.php?country=england
& Wales https://smokecontrol.defra.gov.uk/fuels.php?country=wales
Has there been any thought to canal boaters & living on boats in winter. It appears not so far but only herd the headline - Ban on coal & wet wood in 2023.
What is classed as wet wood. Is it wood branches cut & left for two years or dry kilned wood to 12 -15 % as used in joinery ? I ask as there will be fines for non compliance. Currently £1'000.
There is not an out right ban on wood because the UK government thinks it is good and sensible to burn wood chips from USA - going off subject here :
And a new open cast coal mine to open in the north. So what are we too think and worry or not about this ban in 2023.
It may be not be possible to commission a new boat with a multi fuel stove after 2023 !!!!

Asked by: Gary  | Friday 21 February, 7.20pm | 1 answer

How do I increase my skin tank size?

For 25 years the BMC 1.8 engine in my 60ft narrowboat worked fine - until it wore out. Last year I had it changed for a Vetus M4.45 engine, which I was told was an equivalent.
It went in fine and seemed to work well and smoothly. However, I noticed on the tidal Trent a few weeks ago it was overheating, and had to throttle back.
It still worked fine, but I had another boatyard check and they said the skin tank was too small for the new engine.
What can I do to increase the skin tank size or cooling?

Asked by: Andrew Denny  | Wednesday 19 February, 10.32am | 4 answers

Engine bay sound insulation fixing

Rather than spray glue would it be feasible to attach insulation sheets using countersunk hole ring magnets bolts and fixing washers to the steel areas of engine compartment? The ring magnets would have a combined pull weight greater than weight of sheet.

Asked by: tony  | Wednesday 12 February, 7.34pm | 3 answers

growth on hull going hard

my steel hull is coming out end of march but will have to wait untill next day to be pressure washed by the yard. AT least 10 years worth of muck is on the hull, will the days delay cause it to dry and be harder to remove?

Asked by: mb  | Tuesday 11 February, 10.42am | 1 answer

Boat Manual

I'm a self fit out boat owner and have been told I require Owners Manual
Does any one know if there is a set format for this document or can any one point me to a web site that would help ?

Asked by: Leslie Swann  | Saturday 8 February, 8.44pm | 1 answer

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