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Windlass dimensions

I am looking at the ships fitter engineering a personalised windlass for me. The only dimensions that I am missing are the precise tapered mm slots that he will need to drill out which are needed for the mechanical or hydraulic gearing on the canal system. Thank you.

Asked by: michael Hawkins  | Friday 22 June, 6.27pm | no answers yet - add one

roof hatch

I hear that you have to be very careful in installing a roof hatch due to condensation. I was wondering what is out there that has been proven not to drip water/condensation. The boat is to have a full paint job this summer and am looking at placing a hatch of 500cm x 500cm if I hear of a hatch that does not drip!.

Asked by: michael Hawkins  | Friday 22 June, 5.27pm | no answers yet - add one

Propshaft and couplings

I have a Trentcraft 26. Front cockpit, front engine with a 5 metre propshaft running in the keel. The shaft is in two pieces and the rigid joint is loose. Can I replace it with a single shaft? Or is 5m too unwieldy? Also need new flex coupling and bearings - there are three in the keel between gearbox and sterntube. Two are noisy one has been castrated (it has no balls). Might fit new engine mounts too and Aquadrive? Recommendations and suggestions please.

Asked by: Phil Thane  | Friday 15 June, 2.12pm | 1 answer

Gas queries

Gas changeover valves with opso now have pol connectors on the hoses but my tanks are m20. Can I just use my old hoses? Otherwise the only changeovers I can find are ROI.
Also, Does nobody make a 15mm bubble tester? Seems rather dtupid to have to reduce from 15mm to 10mm then back up to 15

Asked by: Doug Ashby  | Monday 11 June, 10.08pm | 1 answer

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