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how to grind back roof 4 painting

ive established that a scrabbler [with teeth for metal] is best tool for removing several layers of paint and any rust etc from a steel cabin roof prior to painting, but they are £500. alternatively there are cheap ones for £100 which are listed as being for concrete how can grind .
my question is 2 fold: would the cheap one for concrete work ok, or would the metal make short work of the teeth.
also, is there another tool/attachment that would be almost as as efficient for the job
i realize i can hire one

Asked by: mb  | Wednesday 13 November, 3.54pm | no answers yet - add one

mounting a bilge pump

how is a bilge pump mounted in a steel hull with no wood to screw it to.
its a common type of pump with motor on top of a caged impeller
mine is a 12 volt circuit but i ALSO have large 24 volt bilge pump [same design as the above one]. how would it perform on the 12v circuit, obviously it would work slower but would it be fast enough to shift any water

Asked by: mb  | Wednesday 13 November, 2.40pm | no answers yet - add one

using wire brush stops blacking from sticking well

read this in published article in magazine.
that using wire brush on steel hull stop bitumen blacking from sticking well as it should.
could this be because it effectively polishes the metal

Asked by: mb  | Tuesday 12 November, 8.39am | 1 answer

clarification pls

as people sometimes miss bits of text can you pls confirm that your rough estimate of 42 sq metres was for a springer
you wrote the following answer:
"Calculating the area to be blacked of a narrowboat is usually reasonably straight forward, unless it is a Springer. These boats have a vee bottom, which makes the calculation more complicated, but does make them swim well. Since they are made from relatively thin steel it is definitely worth painting the whole of the underwater surface. As a rough estimate I would put the area to be painted at around 42 sq metres."

Asked by: mb  | Monday 11 November, 4.44pm | 2 answers

Air in fuel line - corrosion in fuel tank?

Air is constantly accumulating in the Fuelguard filter with a small buble of air entering from the inlet pipe every few seconds when the fuel is being pumped. There are no leaks on the pipe or fittings between the tank and the filter which makes me wonder if the fuel pipe (steel) within the tank has corroded so that fuel is leaking out and air getting in within the tank. The hull and therefore the tank and pipe are 27 years old and the top of the pipe within the tank must have been exposed to the atmosphere for most of that time, but in all the years of reading Waterways World I cannot recall seeing an article about corroding fuel pipes. Have you come across this situation and if it is the pipe how feasible is it to replace it with the tank?

Asked by: Ian Burns  | Monday 11 November, 10.53am | 1 answer

whats the area of my hull

as im getting varying estimates from paint makers would u be able to calculate the area of a 34 ft [1990/91] springer V hull [up to gunwale], both including and excluding base plate if possible.
will put this most useful info with boats documents

Asked by: mb  | Thursday 7 November, 3.31pm | 1 answer

how do i prove to insurance co that work was completed

how do i prove to insurance co [for cover] that work was completed on boat after survey if i do it myself and dont want a pricey re-inspection

Asked by: mb  | Tuesday 5 November, 7.09pm | 1 answer

can i use brass skin fitting on steel hull

can i use brass skin fitting [sink outlet]on steel hull without any reaction between the 2 metals

Asked by: mb  | Tuesday 5 November, 5.06pm | 1 answer

can ratchet strap pull boat over to paint waterline

as ive never used one, can a ratchet strap pull boat over a few degrees to paint hull at waterline
i think i understand principles involved, would use a separate rope to hold boat heeled over [towards canal bank] then take another "bite" with the ratchet strap and continue until i reached desired angle
am aware of open holes in hull [i have exactly that:), thanx for pointing out earlier] and securing cabin contents
34ft boat
my ratchet strap is: max load is 150 kg. breaking strength: 300 kg

Asked by: mb  | Tuesday 5 November, 12.11pm | 1 answer

how fast does rust attack hull at waterline, should i wait to take her out

my 34ft 1991 sringer is corroded metal at much of water line, shes due out for complete blacking [extremely overdue] etc at end of march [last dates for the 2 week for 1 week deal].
my dilemma is should i take her out sooner to treat the rust but have cold/wet weather delaying the bitumen drying or wait till end of march in hope of better weather and accept that the corrosion will meanwhile continue working

Asked by: mb  | Sunday 3 November, 12.07pm | 1 answer

any clubs that allow you to stay on your boat more than a couple of nights. ?

the ass. of waterways cruising clubs link seems broken . can you say if there are any clubs that allow you to stay on your boat more than a couple of nights.
also do the clubs all require voluntary work from the boat owner

Asked by: mb  | Friday 1 November, 6.36pm | 1 answer

fast drying blacking

may be out of ur scope but which blackings are fastest drying as i need to do waterline while boat is in water and dont fancy longer than necessary at 45 degree angle.
also can you suggest at least couple of good blacking paints

Asked by: mb  | Friday 1 November, 6.05pm | 2 answers

queastions history

can i see previous answers to my questions. i dont know what search terms to use

Asked by: mb  | Thursday 31 October, 3.38pm | 1 answer


WW says:
"The coverage of 1 litre of gloss paint will be around 12 sq metres. Your boat is around 10m long; assuming that you are intending to paint the inside surface of the cabin this should be possible with 5 litres but only just, for one coat of the sides and roof. It would be best to use a metal primer such as red oxide with a gloss top coat. To ensure a decent coating that will prevent future corrosion two top coats would be best."
is ur advice [above] to use metal primer for bare metal or painted or both, surfaces.
and is a regular good quality top coat ok

Asked by: mb  | Thursday 31 October, 2.05pm | 1 answer

treating internal hull rust

inside of my hull has a 1/4 inch crust that i understand can be common.
after scraping what is an economical way to treat it , ive often seen rust come through red oxide, and fertan needs to be painted within 6 months, and is expensive

Asked by: mb  | Wednesday 30 October, 5.04pm | 1 answer

how much paint

how much metal paint is needed for 34ft springer [not blacking]
how many coats of each and how much paint would a coat use, if u can guesstimate an amount
im hoping 5 L of gloss, same of undercoat would do it
also is it worth using a gloss formulated for metal, or just a good quality gloss which does metal or wood

Asked by: mb  | Wednesday 30 October, 3.55pm | 1 answer

fertan v blacking

am going to pull my 34ft springer over a bit while a float to treat hull at the waterline, shes coming out in 5 monthes time to do proper job]
question is: would removing lose rust then blacking at the waterline suffice to stop FURTHER corrosion till she comes out, or would i need a rust converter [i do understand how converter works, i also have a way of preventing the converter from polluting canal]
my understanding is that providing the blacking keeps oxygen off the metal no further corrosion takes place, unless there more to it?

Asked by: mb  | Wednesday 30 October, 3.48pm | 1 answer

Rivers Little Ouse and Wissey

I live close to Brandon on the river Little Ouse and have been told that the maximum length of narrowboat to navigate this river is 45 feet. However, the boat I am interested in buying is 58 feet. Can you tell me if I could use it in my local waters?
David Flack

Asked by: David Flack  | Tuesday 29 October, 11.08pm | 2 answers

ring main or radials

I have a 57ft trad. narrowboat and need to install 230v wiring (2.5mm/flexi) to sockets on both sides. Which system is best, ring main or two radials (one either side), I've had 2 opposing verbal opinions so far, and some forums also seem to be split?

Asked by: Martin Parker  | Wednesday 23 October, 4.25pm | 3 answers

Is it normal for floor to give a bit?

We are looking at buying a used narrowboat and have found one we really like. I am concerned since as I walk through the boat there are several places where the floor gives a bit and does not appear to be solid (not significantly but it is noticeable).
It is not in any specific part of the boat but throughout the boat in several places. We are waiting for the survey, but was wondering if this is something that we should be worried about. Any Thought

Asked by: Sue  | Sunday 13 October, 5.47pm | 1 answer

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