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batery charging

After posing my question about battery banks and charging i have looked at a system on this website
It appaearsto be excellant offering a good technical input in to the do and donts of split bank charging.
have you any comments or has anyone fitted or had fitted this system would like to know your opinion please

Asked by: edward Connolly  | Friday 20 November, 10.54am | 3 answers

previous question on generators

yes i should have given more information sorry about that.
I have two batteries on my 42ft boat that act as starter and leisure batteries.Will one do to start the boat ?
i could then add one giving me a two battery bank for leisure.i would like to install a charger and feed it via a generator to charge all three batteries.A component list and electrical layour drawing would be handy

Asked by: edward Connolly  | Wednesday 18 November, 3.01pm | 1 answer

Narrowboat battery charging

I am considering getting a generator to assist the charging of my batteries on my 42ft narrowboat.
I was told by the generator company that normally the batteries can be charged by the 240v hookup if you connect it to a generator when the engine is not runnning.
This does not happen on my boat what would i have to do to the wiring to acheive this setup.

Asked by: edward Connolly  | Monday 16 November, 3.13pm | 1 answer

Finding cheap steel!

Lateral thinking on finding cheap steel for re bottoming!I was think about a restoration job on a very old boat(1900).I may or may not go ahead with this project but at the moment just gathering ideas.What sort of plate steel do i need?Could i source it else where,eg old farmers trailers,dis used skips or even a burnt out narrow boat.Scrapping the top and just keeping the base plate.What do you all think?

Asked by: 123henrye  | Monday 16 November, 11.15am | 2 answers


on a short sail need to charge battr's it has 1 victron invtr 12.1600.70 plse advise size of generator to charge batteries or the size of a solar panel to suit

Asked by: K.Clark  | Saturday 14 November, 6.09pm | no answers yet - add one

safe mooring on the Dudley Canal

Has anyone found a good place to moor in the Dudley area? Is Bumble Hole safe? Our boat recently came under attack at Merryhill and people who moored at the Harbour devt were kept awake till 3am by loud music from the clubs.

Asked by: marian bennett  | Friday 13 November, 10.27pm | 1 answer

Black Water Tanks

I am currently designing a narrow boat that has a cross-passage around midships, hoping to utalize the space under the steps leading to the side doors as holding tanks, can thease be part of the superstructure or am i asking for future problems?

Asked by: a pumfrett  | Wednesday 11 November, 8.01pm | 1 answer

Battery charging - additional question

Reference to my post of 8 Nov, one further question if I may - If I have a 240v shore connection available and a portable battery charger, is it OK to use that to charge the domestic battery bank as a whole without disconnecting the battery connections? Regards, Richard

Asked by: Richard Drage  | Wednesday 11 November, 9.23am | 1 answer

Inverter repairs

I am looking for someone who can look at and repair my inverter, the oberload protection light comes on even with no load.
the suppliers habe not been helpful

Asked by: SP Gammond  | Tuesday 10 November, 7.46pm | 3 answers

Battery charging advice.

I have recently bought a Narrowboat for leisure use and am concerned about how best to keep the batteries charged during the winter period when I will only be using the boat about one weekend a month. It has 3 domestic batteries and one starter, plus a small solar panel. Is it sensible to leave the solar panel permanently connected to trickle charge, or will I need to take the batteries out periodically and use a mains battery charger?

Asked by: Richard Drage  | Sunday 8 November, 12.58pm | 3 answers

Beta 28 engine

I have a Beta 28 engine in my narrow boat, it has appx 130 hrs on its clock. Why does it not want to rev for the first minute after cold starting sometimes, but at other times it does. After running for around one hour the engine starts hunting, the revs fall slightly and then pick up again. Also while checking the diesel fuel system I found discoloured fuel in the system between the fuel filter and the injector pump, any idea why?

Asked by: Tom Brady  | Wednesday 4 November, 7.24pm | no answers yet - add one

Build a cratch

We would like to build a cratch for our 57ft narrowboat but are unable to find any books / plans /current articles - can you help please

Asked by: Gillian Hicks  | Tuesday 3 November, 4.04pm | 3 answers

Cruising the Thames

Starting to plan next spring's cruise, which will include the Thames from Brentford to Oxford. I seem to remember reading about a reciprocal agreement with BW license holders, or am I imagining it? Around £35 per day for a 58ft NB seems a bit excessive!

Asked by: Peter Skinner  | Sunday 1 November, 1.06pm | 2 answers


How do I get my repeat prescriptions.can I go to any GP?

Asked by: Martin Hayter  | Saturday 31 October, 7.43pm | 2 answers

Sole Plate

I have had conflicting opinions as to whether or not the sole plate should be painted. Does the sole plate need to be painted?

Asked by: Rachel Kirkland-Walters  | Friday 30 October, 5.50pm | 1 answer

service manual

I need a SERVICE MANUAL for a Lister LRM / SRM 2 cylinder air cooled diesel engine . Also any advice on servicing said engine much appreciated .

Asked by: Jos Flinn  | Thursday 29 October, 4.29pm | 1 answer


What is the cheapest fully comp. canal boat insurance ?

Asked by: Jos Flinn  | Wednesday 28 October, 3.10pm | 3 answers

dwell angle for my vetus engine

what does it mean and how would i know
if mine is lined up correctly.it says 15 degrees backward and 25 degrees athwartships

Asked by: mick turner  | Thursday 22 October, 3.34pm | 4 answers

GearBox Advice

We have just bought a 26' \Narrow Boat and for the 1st Half Hour of crusing the gearbox is slipping
Engine is a Thorneycroft 2 cyl and the gearbox is a Worth 100
we where told this is ist third gearbox
\Looking for advice on changing the gearbox what make should we go for and what rating eg 100/120/150
is it an easy job for a novice

Asked by: Jim Bratt  | Tuesday 20 October, 6.30pm | 3 answers

battery problems

Hi i have revently bought a 42ft narrow boat.It has two 110amp/hr batteries on itthe battery switch is on the negative side should this be on the+ side ?
It hasa dual voltage fridge which i am told will flatten the batteries if left running when the engine is off.
How can get this problem resolved and is there a web site that will explain how to fit a split charging system and seperate the engine start batterys and add some leisure batterys so that i do not get strande as i did last weekend

Asked by: edward Connolly  | Monday 19 October, 3.32pm | 2 answers

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