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boat re-painting

How much approximately would it cost to have a 62ft trad port holed narrow boat re-painted?

Asked by: Ian Bertram  | Tuesday 7 April, 12.21am | 1 answer

Water tank problems

My 20yr. old narrowboat has a leak in it's stainless steel water tank, at the moment I don't want to take it out for repair. Do I have any options for a temporary repair

Asked by: Mick Lock  | Monday 6 April, 2.08pm | 1 answer


Can anyone tell me if i can download an events calendar for 2009 for this year, asi would love to go look at canal, narrow boats for sale or festivals etc., thanks

Asked by: irene pyle  | Sunday 5 April, 11.52am | 1 answer

Experience required

Is t possible to be a unpaid hand on a Narrowboat in order to get experiece

Asked by: Carl Morley  | Wednesday 1 April, 2.38pm | 1 answer

the sailaway diaries

where can I get Back issues for The sailaway diaries.from the start to feb

Asked by: Darren  | Tuesday 31 March, 4.53pm | 1 answer

Can we hire a 58ft narrowboat for 3-4 months?

I have just retired, and my wife and I would like to hire a 58ft narrowboat for 3-4 months - our retirement adventure! We have hired for the Easter week for the last 20 plus years and now have the time for a longer cruise around our fantastic canal system. We are 60 and 58 and have two well behaved and seasoned travellers - our two 9 year old miniature Schnauzers. We would like to travel next year from April to end of July.
Is there anyone who would consider letting us use their boat for this period? We would love to hear from you.

Asked by: Bob and Desi Cogger  | Sunday 29 March, 1.40pm | 3 answers

fixed frount

where can i get a fixed bow boat with a 10' openhold at the stern from

Asked by: lanks  | Saturday 21 March, 10.23pm | 1 answer

sailaway diaries cost breakdown

Cost of saiaway diaries boat

Asked by: ap;eagling  | Wednesday 18 March, 11.54am | 1 answer

the admiral nelson pub braunston

will this pub be opening again, we found it the best canal side pub and visited there many times, from the canal and also when we went to the annual narrow boat fair at braunston and walked up to the pub

Asked by: carole dillon  | Tuesday 17 March, 12.21pm | 4 answers


I want to buy an old lifeboat fibreglass from rosendal norway with a sabb motor 20ft by 7ft 1975 was stored outside will the fibre glass have osmossis?

Asked by: Andy Krohn  | Monday 16 March, 10.09am | 1 answer

exide batteries

does two 6 volt 180 amp exide batteries when put together make 12volts and add up to 260amps when put together?

Asked by: fred brussels  | Wednesday 11 March, 8.16pm | 1 answer

Wide Beam Propulsion - again

My wide beam had a stupid rudder - 31 cm in front of the post and 31 cm behind. I have removed approx 17 cm off the front of the rudder and the tiller is handlable up to max revs but the steering is vague. I was thinking of creating a duct by bringing two plates vertically from the uderside to just below the shaftthen three more to surround the the prop. I thought to take the plates from 25 cm in front of the prop and as far back as I can w=ithout fouling the rudder. Will it work?

Asked by: Ken Neale  | Monday 9 March, 6.02pm | 2 answers

sound insulation

I have a steel deck and have tried self adhesive foam insulation under. Twice it has fallen off, i have thoroughly de greased the underside of the deck and this has not helped. Can anyone suggest a suitable adhesive to fix the offending insulation as my Lister Petter A2 engine is lovely but naturally noisy.

Asked by: Robin Emmins  | Monday 9 March, 7.24am | 3 answers

Leaky windows.

I appear to have water leaking in between the glass and frame on the lower pane of my windows, are seals replaceable and has anyone got any advice as to what i should do. I cannot afford to replace the windows. Thanks

Asked by: Robin Emmins  | Monday 9 March, 6.51am | 2 answers

Narrow boat for commercial use

We have a 60ft narrow boat which is based near Nantwich. Unfortunately, we dont get to use it that often and I am desparately trying to convince my boyfriend not to sell it, as we do love it, but its a lot of money just sitting there. Is it viable with the correct insurance and other relevant things in plase to rent it out privately and through your magazine. Any help much appreciated.

Asked by: melanie  | Saturday 28 February, 12.59pm | 2 answers

Pull out bed extension design

Currently have 4' wide bed which I'd like to extend to around 4'6" via a pull-out extension that can be pushed in during the day. Any designs available? No problem sorting the mattress part.

Asked by: Dave Martin  | Friday 27 February, 7.46pm | 3 answers

grill for Caprice cooker

I have a Caprice 2040 cooker and the grill has virtually died - it takes about 20 minutes to make a very lightbrown piece of toast. the cooker was new with the boat so is about 2 1/2 years old.My Corgi registered adviser thinks the parts aren't available and/or he wouldn't be allowed to fit them. Are there any alternatives to buying a complete new cooker ?

Asked by: Sue Harding Hirst  | Thursday 26 February, 10.57pm | 2 answers

green power

would either a solar panel or a wind turbine fitted to a new boat save enough running costs to recoup the capital costs in 5 years?

Asked by: jude  | Wednesday 25 February, 5.21pm | 1 answer

"Ownership Club"

I own a recently completed 57' Narrowboat currently kept on a mooring in West Yorkshire. I work at sea and I am away for extended periods of time. I also have homes in France, Scottish Borders and have of late spent most of my time at my partner's home in Leeds.
I'm concerned that my boat and property in France are becoming cash sinks that I am reluctant to part with as I enjoy short breaks on both. However I don't use either sufficiently to justify continued ownership.
My question for yourselves relates to the Narrowboat but I'd like to apply the principles involved to the French Property too.
Question is - Can I legitimately start a private members club where an annual membership fee would entitle members to a number of weeks access to the boat. The sort of deal I would have in mind would be that members would maintain a level of dry stores on board, clean and either launder bedding and towels before leaving or bring their own. Major maintenance and a breakdown service would be provided by myself on an annual basis. I would imagine I would have to pay a commercial rate for my waterways licence and insurance but would like to limit any liability to members within the rules of the club.
I think that in these days of internet and eMail communications a club of this nature could work well with the right members. I'd like to think that swapping of weeks, and helping each other out with pick-ups, drop-offs and back to back cruises could become commonplace amoung members.
So I guess what I'd like to know is, Can this be done legally, Can you see any pitfalls and would Waterways World carry my advertising?
Look forward to your answer as this appears to be a way in which I can afford to justify keeping a boat which I've spent too much time fitting out and not enough time enjoying - simply by allowing others to enjoy using it!
Ken Wharton

Asked by: Ken Wharton  | Monday 23 February, 4.07pm | 3 answers


Have just bought a boat fitted with Rediline. What is it? How does it work?Are there any publications explaining this and all narrow boat electrics?

Asked by: ewart lucas  | Friday 20 February, 5.31pm | 1 answer

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