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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Beta JD3 Oil pressure

My JD3 engine (700 hrs) takes 10 secs to reach its oil pressure of 45psi cold engine(35 HOT)every time its started.I have changed the oil filter twice using the rec FramPH20 and the Beta supplied Fleetguard LF 678 to no effect.The problem seems to lie with the lack of an anti-drain valve in the oil filter,briefly fitting a non standard purflux LS867B(with anti-drain valve)resolved the problem.Am I to use the rec filters or use a non standard.I am sure that if my car engine had shown this characteristic it would have been destroyed quite quickly.

Asked by: Michael Stapleford  | Friday 23 January, 9.24pm | 1 answer

Keeping batteries alive

My narrowboat, infrequently visited in the winter months, has 2 starter and 4 leisure batteries which have all gone flat, and I fear that they will have to be replaced. How can I ensure that a new set will not perish in the same way? I have no access to mains power, so charging is done with the engine (BMC 1.5) alternator via a Kestrel regulator. Someone has suggested installing an inverter-charger, but how might this quite expensive item help? Have you any suggestions, please?

Asked by: Stephen C  | Friday 23 January, 12.10pm | 2 answers

boat sale

We want to advertise a boat for sale.Is it possible to do so online?

Asked by: h groeneveld  | Saturday 17 January, 9.12am | 1 answer

Upper Avon/Grand Union Link

Having received an "Inland Waterways of Britain Cruise Planner" map (GEO Projects) for Christmas I was delighted to see that there is a proposed link between the Grand Union,at Warwick, and the Upper Severn north of Stratford. Having a mooring at Stockton Top this would make Warwick, Leamington and Stratford in easy reach. How realistic is this link and if it is when is it likely to start and finish?


Asked by: peterjones  | Wednesday 31 December, 9.44am | 1 answer

BW will not pay for damage to our boat because of poor BW work.

Is there anyway I can get BW to pay for damage caused to our boat by their poor upkeep of towpath. It happened 18 June this year (2008) and so far no joy.

Asked by: Jean Suter  | Tuesday 30 December, 6.32pm | 1 answer

buying a boat/barge business

Do you have any web sites of boat/barge business with property that are for sale any area, thank you for your time.

Asked by: Donna  | Monday 29 December, 10.09pm | 1 answer

cheshire ring

cheshire ring which way round, why?

Asked by: simon curry-taylor  | Tuesday 23 December, 7.14pm | 1 answer

small-scale locks for rowboats only

please any data on manually operated locks anywhere designed to get rowboats/dinghies/kayaks around a rock shelf in a river with a drop/rise of about two metres. Portage not an option.

Asked by: jefferson chapple  | Saturday 20 December, 10.05pm | no answers yet - add one

12v/24v TV

Can anyone recommend a 15" LCD TV with built in DVD and freeview that is 12v/24v please?

Asked by: Loulabelle  | Wednesday 17 December, 5.29pm | 2 answers

Fire surrounds

Reference your article Sailaway diaries, could you give me the name and phone no. of the monumental mason who supplied the granite surround and hearth for the stove.

Asked by: Christine Bowyer  | Monday 15 December, 7.30pm | 1 answer

vetus m2.06 engine

I have had low oil pressure light coming on after approx two hours cruising, have fitted pressure gauge what results should i be looking for?

Asked by: tbarlow  | Sunday 14 December, 5.50pm | 1 answer

preventing condensation inside boat

Since it has become colder we have a problem with condensation in our 57 ft liveaboard. It seems to be mostly coming in under the windows and at various places under the gunnel(?)The bit where it goes wider about hip-height. The worst place is by the bed. Would putting more insulation in the wall help? The insulation at present is polystyrene.

Many thanks for any help.

Asked by: rachel welton  | Tuesday 9 December, 3.54pm | 2 answers


I recall an article about 2 years ago regarding a firm which could supply hardwood window surrounds for narrowboats, maybe in Bits & Pieces. Do you have a name/website/e-mail/telephone please?

Asked by: Peter McLaren  | Saturday 6 December, 9.59am | 1 answer

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

What make and type of alarm are suitable for a 60ft NB

Asked by: John Ford  | Tuesday 2 December, 5.01pm | 2 answers

Crick Boat Show 2009

Please confirm dates?

Asked by: Barry Ord  | Monday 24 November, 6.13pm | 2 answers

Choosing ropes

I've a 60 foot steel narrowboat and its ropes (fore, aft and middle) are coming to the end of their natural lives and will need replacing in the next year.

WWW answered a question about ropes in the November 2008 issue of WWW, (page 95) but you did not say how to choose the rope itself.

Ignoring the "prettiness factor", what do I need to know to help me choose replacements? What material and what diameter (i.e. strength). How do I choose?

The WWW answer also said that the rope lengths (41 & 36 ft) for the 55' boat were "about right". I was under the impression that 60ft (20m) ropes (fore and aft) were usually required (and probably sensible) when river cruising - though pre-cut & spliced/eyed ropes seem to be sold as 10 or 15 m lengths.

Asked by: Paul Lawler  | Monday 24 November, 5.29pm | 1 answer

gucc star class bed

Dimensions of the drop down bed in the cabin of GUCC star class motor please

Asked by: steve roberts  | Saturday 22 November, 8.03pm | 1 answer

Water tank drain off

How is the best and easy way to drain off the water tank, ready for winter? Or is there a chance of the water can stay in the tank?

Asked by: Mr P Jones  | Friday 21 November, 9.26am | 1 answer

Narrowboat Stern Tube Packing

As the stern tube packing wears away it is possible to insert another piece of square section rope after removing the flange. This seems simpler and dryer than removing all the old packing and replacing it. What are the pros and cons of the two approaches?

Asked by: Colin Wilks  | Thursday 20 November, 8.19am | 6 answers

fuel cap

who does a locking fuel cap for narrowboat

Asked by: CHRIS ANDERS  | Wednesday 19 November, 9.07am | 1 answer

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