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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Water Tank Maintenance

My narrowboat has an integral fresh water tank. I have read that these should be painted internally at intervals. But there is no access to the tank at all other than the filler. What can I do to ensure the water remains drinkable and not full of rust?

Asked by: Rod Nelson  | Monday 6 June, 12.41pm | 2 answers

Boat lifting

Where can I get my 60x10 widebeam lifted into canal/river network, north and south of the UK. Weighs about 34 ton.

Asked by: Alec McCann  | Saturday 28 May, 8.09am | 1 answer

Tiger bamboo or ?

I want to replace the tatty laminate floor in the saloon of my new boat and want to use tiger bamboo
Would this type of wood be suitable ?
It's 15mm thick and and 133mm wide
I fancied something other than oak !
Any advice would be much appreciated

Asked by: josie pledge  | Thursday 26 May, 9.16pm | 2 answers

LPG combI

can an LPG combi boiler be. Fitted to a narrowboat, or would it just eat the gas.just for showering and an hours heating on cold mornings.thanks in advance for your advice/ help regards terry

Asked by: terry  | Wednesday 18 May, 8.04pm | 3 answers

Boating Etiquette

On a recent trip on the Shropshire Union Canal I intended to wind in a small winding hole in the woods just outside Norbury Junction. I indicated my intention to a following boat and to one some distance away coming in the opposite direction. I began my turn. The boat behind slowed to allow my turn and as I completed it the boat that had been coming the other way suddenly appeared alongside me passing at a fair rate of knots.
I was unable to speak to the skipper of the boat as I was fully employed trying to steady my boat which had been pushed across the canal into the mouth of the winding hole by his wash, he obviously had no intention of slowing down.
The skipper of the boat that was behind me remonstrated with him but received a severe finger wagging and I later learned was told in no uncertain terms that " he had right of way and it was my place to wait in the winding hole for him to go past, I was in the wrong and he had every right to pass at the speed he did"
Both myself and the skipper of the boat that had remonstrated with him were rendered speechless by his attitude and rudeness.
I would be interested to learn if there are any hard and fast rules regarding winding and rights of way. I have always waited for boats to turn and in the 20 plus years I have been boating boats have always waited for me unless I have called them through.
I have always prided myself on my canal etiquette and would hate to think I was doing something wrong------AM I WRONG.

Asked by: Robert Cowling   | Friday 13 May, 10.02am | 3 answers

Electrical power requirements

If I want to run a glass fusing kiln on board which has a power rating of 2.4kw and 10 amps, will this be okay whilst connected to a marina 16 amp hookup, and whilst cruising? We don't have a boat yet so what would be the minimum and optimum rated inverter or electrical supply for the boat we choose so that the kiln can be run for several hours during a firing of glass?

Asked by: Raymond Fowler  | Thursday 12 May, 8.54am | 2 answers

Tiller arm

Hi hope someone is able to help I have a fiftyfour foot cruiser stern and would like to know if can change the swan neck tiller to a taller one as the one thats on is ok for me but when i have my sons on board that are over 6ft+ they find it to short allso where can I get a new or second hand swan neck from.
Thanks Lez

Asked by: Lez Brennan  | Tuesday 10 May, 1.42pm | 2 answers

Satellite mobile

Hi can you please help with issue date for magazine giving information regarding satellite phone as we are looking to buy one which will give the best signal available in case of emergencies and we remember reading it in one of the Waterways Magazine. Many thanks

Asked by: Helen Bennett  | Thursday 5 May, 9.09pm | 1 answer

water pump does not stop

I have a pressurised water system which recently the motor keeps on 'pumping' even when the water is not used. No leaks noted! occasionally the pressure relief valve opens and discharges water overboard. Currently switching pump on when needed suggestions welcome

Asked by: Chris Raine  | Monday 2 May, 10.29pm | 2 answers

Fixing Corrosion

Fixing A; Brass Roof Vents to Steel Roof.
B; Steel Hinge to Aluminium Engine Cover.
Your Advice please

Asked by: Michael Clement  | Wednesday 27 April, 2.57pm | 3 answers

gearbox oil

Can anyone tell me what the correct gearbox oil I should put in my gardner
2uc gearbox, it is the original gearbox built with the engine in 1934.

Asked by: andy wakler  | Tuesday 26 April, 4.58pm | 1 answer

Painting narrowboat

Why is it recommended to add a thinner to top coat when painting a narrowboat?

Asked by: Dave Snarey  | Monday 11 April, 3.27pm | 2 answers

the broads connections

can i sail from the broads to other waterways?

Asked by: edward jones  | Monday 4 April, 6.48pm | 3 answers

Discovered a very weak spot under in my bilge . . .

Can your recommend a good epoxy to use on my bilge until i can get her out of the water? there is a very weak rust spot which cant be bunged by wood and I just want to temporarily sort her out!

Asked by: Khameelah  | Tuesday 29 March, 7.04pm | 1 answer

black mills boats

does anyone know who and where Black mills narrow boat builders where and any info on the boats they built

Asked by: peter lewis  | Monday 28 March, 11.56am | no answers yet - add one

Lockgate Stove Service

Hello, I have a Lockgate Sorensen Diesel Stove and i'm looking to get a service as, I think the regulator may have a problem. Does anyone know of an engineer who covers the South East? -Or a marina that would service, in the Lea/Stort area.
Many thanks - Mark

Asked by: Mark  | Friday 25 March, 10.28pm | no answers yet - add one

Tachometer fault

I have a Siemens VDO tachometer with engine hours counter. It's a KI "W" Inductive, N02 012 165 (168). The unit stopped working some time ago. The rev counter is firmly fixed at zero, although the pointer does twitch a little when the ignition switch is turned. The hours display is there but is flashing & has been stuck on 1213.2 for about 40 hours. I have checked the "W" connection at the alternator & at the tacho; both readings are about 7.5 volts. Also, the 12volt supply to the unit seems to be ok. The unit has what appears to be a "reset" button. Pressing it had the same effect as turning off the ignition &, after a few seconds, things returned to how they were. Everything else on the instrument panel is functioning normally. The engine is an Isuzu. Any ideas please?

Asked by: chrissy  | Wednesday 23 March, 8.52pm | 1 answer

Boat Painting

Very interesting to read Graham Booth's article in March WW, though I had always understood that paint should be backed off from bottom to top. My question concerns the use of lacquer instead of varnish: would it work to use a lacquer such as Incralac or an automotive one used over metallic paint?

Asked by: Peter McLaren  | Saturday 19 March, 11.28am | 2 answers

safety certificate

2 questions first do I have to have a bubble tester for the gas test and what are the filter requirements for engine bay bilge pump if the engine has its own section boxed in .

Asked by: mick turner  | Tuesday 15 March, 2.17pm | 3 answers


As I have asked one or two questions lately, people might guess that I am in the middle of having a boat built.
This months question is the boat is going to be a 60ft narrow beam with a bow thruster a 3.5Kv generator driven by the engine. Engine choices are a 45hp shire or a 43hp beta. It will be a liveaboard and so will be used a lot so reliability and running costs are the main thing to consider plus noise levels

Asked by: Tom Grocott  | Sunday 13 March, 5.52pm | 2 answers

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