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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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How to identifying a leak?

I have a leak in the front of my boat, near where the water tank is. After being away for a few weeks earlier this year, I returned to find my water tank was empty (it was nearly full before I left) and water in one end of my hull (the bulkhead on that side is sealed so water couldn't get into the rest of the hull). So as far as I can work out, its either the water pump, the water tank or the hose. But how do I identify specifically where it is so I can work out what to do next... ? None of it is very easiely accessible. Thanks!

Asked by: kirsty  | Saturday 11 July, 12.34pm | 1 answer

Loss of domestic electric

We have suddenly lost 12v and 240v power. Inverter alarm light flashing and 12v fridge light too. Lights dim. Control panel meter shows charging at about 14v. Batteries topped up Ok, no loose wires on alternator. Any thoughts on what problem is?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Thursday 2 July, 10.52am | 1 answer

Hot water too hot

Our engine gives us 'free' hot water but it gets scaldingly hot. Is it possible to regulate the temperature, e.g. With a thermostat? What would be involved in altering the system?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Wednesday 1 July, 12.19pm | 1 answer

Charging batteries

I have a 45amp alternator on a BMC 1.5 engine and a domestic battery set up of 3x110amphour batteries. Now Im spending longer on the boat and less time running the engine the batteries are not being fully recharged.Ive been told that maybe I should uprate the alternator to a 70amp model or install an external voltage regulator to make the existing system more efficient. Which would be the best option or isit a combination of both

Asked by: David Hooper  | Monday 29 June, 12.35pm | 2 answers

Battery Charging

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have brought a CTEK MXS 5 battery charger this last year. I liked the compact size and its 8 stage charging. I do not think it can charge a battery bank x3 85 Amps = 255 amps(12v), as its output is up to 110amps and because of its testing would not work for more than one. I could not see in the Ctek range if they do one for 3. I have no one to tern to for help. I have found it hard to find information that is linked to chargers to buy. I have a 28 foot plastic boat.

Asked by: Gary  | Friday 26 June, 1.53pm | 5 answers


I have to install a new squirel stove and have been told i need a fire proof layer behind the fire i already have fire tiles is this ok

Asked by: george  | Tuesday 23 June, 7.24pm | 1 answer

navigomarine boatbuilder

Does navigo marine still exist?ABC no longer represent them and website not clear!Who supplies nbs at budget end of market?similar to navigo Trent,see WW,Oct2013

Asked by: David JL Martin  | Thursday 11 June, 5.07pm | 2 answers

starting a BMC engine

Ihave a bmc 1.5 engine in my narrowboat.It as always been a problem starting so I had 4 new glowplugs fitted and the holes were cleaned out using a drillbit. It is still a problem to start and I usually take 30sec to 1 minute on the key to warm the plugs. If I use Easy Start it starts 1st time but I have told that Easy Start is not ideal. Any ideas.
D Gibbons.
NB Lazy Daze.

Asked by: david gibbons  | Wednesday 10 June, 9.43am | 2 answers

Generator Grounding (Earthing)

Dear Sir,
I have just brought an IG770 Kipor generator for use on the bank. My boat being Viking 28, is of GRP construction. I had to ask the company (Kipor)direct about what is required to earth it (Grounding). Before looking on the internet it is not so simple as to just stick a bit of metal into the ground. For starters using a thicker grounding rod does not reduce the resistance from rod to earth[when earthing a power station but may apply to a degree] . The length of the grounding rod is important and also what substrate you are sticking it into (gravely soil, sand, wet soil or dry, clay etc). It is impracticable to use a four foot rod as it may well bend or be impossible to pull out of the ground. If using more than one, they should be spaced not nearer than the length of each one's depth in the ground. An Ohms test should be done between the earth cable hence the thick cable required from the generator to the rod or rods. The mind boggles if you start to look deeper at the subject.
We are interested in our own generator set, so require the earth rod or rods for what our generators max power can produce, plus (at a guess) 30-40% to be on the safe side. My boat is of GRP construction.
Kipor told me to use as followed. [I can email the information from Kipor along with drawing if required].
Materials needed:
1. a copper wire(cross sectional area 2.5mm2)
2. a threaded copper rod(diameter 10mm, length 600mm)
3. an ohm meter
Operation steps:
1. Find the ground terminal on the panel
2. Twin the terminal with the copper wire
3. Twin the copper rod with the copper wire along the threads
4. Insert the cooper rod into the earth, the cooper shall not be above the earth for more than 150mm, a warning sign beside the cooper will be better
5. Measure the resistance between the terminal on the panel and the cooper rod, the resistance shall be lower than 4 Ohm, or, please use shorter copper wire
Not quite what you may have expected(??) 2.5mm2 but may be ok for max 770 Watts output!
Yours Sincerely
Gary Dean.
WW subscriber.
PS I have seen generators this year at WW boat show along the canal at Crick, without any grounding, quite big lumps too. They must be mad or stupid idiots.

Asked by: Gary  | Tuesday 9 June, 2.29pm | 3 answers

the humber

I am going to be taking a 63ft narrow boat from driffield to trent falls has any one got any advise for this journey on the humber estuary thank you.

Asked by: andy wakler  | Sunday 31 May, 5.41pm | 3 answers

roof collars

Is there a collar for fitting a fire in the center of a boat

Asked by: george  | Wednesday 27 May, 9.56am | 1 answer

shire 45

have lost hot water supply to calorifier on my shire 45 all header tanks are level engine running normal

Asked by: alanjenner  | Monday 25 May, 2.36pm | 2 answers

Boat Build Quote

I want a boat built but I don't know who to go to? Any recommendations in the Hampshire area? Thanks

Asked by: sara  | Thursday 21 May, 8.19pm | 3 answers


Can I soundproof a water pump accumulator

Asked by: p stubbington  | Wednesday 20 May, 6.00pm | 2 answers

Gas or diesel air heater

I am looking for a small air heater for a small boat but as its a liveaboard the heater will be used a lot in winter. What is the most efficient fuel?

Asked by: Adam Savory  | Monday 18 May, 6.40pm | 1 answer

How big of a boat can u fit in a 40ft canal

how big of a boat can u fit in a 40ft canal

Asked by: amy   | Wednesday 13 May, 3.25am | 2 answers

Narrowboat yards

Can anybody recommend a boatyard that does grit blasting and plating etc near Nantwich. Thanks

Asked by: joe   | Monday 11 May, 9.20pm | 2 answers

Re: Solar water heating

Do you know any suppliers/fitters with appropriate boat installation knowledge, please?

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | Monday 11 May, 10.03am | no answers yet - add one

Solar Water Heating

Is there an effective solar water heating system available that could be used on a Dutch barge. Some one mentioned evacuated tube systems. What are these and would they work?

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | Sunday 10 May, 10.27pm | 1 answer

hurleston locks

hi can anyone tell me the max beam to fit in the first lock at hurleston many thanks.

Asked by: andy wakler  | Friday 1 May, 9.22am | 1 answer

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