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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Could you suggest a suitable fixed battery charger for a boat with four 110ah leisure batteries, plus engine and bow thruster batteries.
I would appreciate makes and models that might fit the bill. Many thanks.

Asked by: Kevin Cracknell  | Saturday 22 November, 3.36pm | 1 answer


is there any stopages between sawley and Northampton

Asked by: janet alderson  | Wednesday 19 November, 10.20pm | 1 answer

Battery charging

My boat has 4 leisure batteries, but no fixed charger.it is currently in a marina with 240 v power available, will a normal car battery charger be sufficient to charge the battery bank, and if so how should it be connected? I am not intending to leave it on unless I'm there. I am currently having to run the engine to charge them, although I have two solar panels at this time of year they are not sufficient to make up for the power I use when aboard.

Asked by: Kevin Cracknell  | Tuesday 18 November, 4.15pm | 4 answers

Chimney choice

Reading the boat review in December 2014 issue there is reference to 'cruising' and 'mooring' chimneys. How do I decide which is the optimum size for each?

Asked by: Donald Starr  | Saturday 15 November, 12.26pm | 4 answers

Automatic bilge pump

Hi - I'm now the owner of NB "Jamdrew of Larkfield" and wish to ask two questions about the stern gland bilge pump. Can you recommend the best small auto level control pump 12V and the best non return valve to fit the overboard discharge pipe

Asked by: bill goad  | Thursday 13 November, 3.04pm | 7 answers

Thornycroft 60 valve clearances

Does anyone know what the valve clearances are for a Thornycroft 60 (3 cyl, 998cc) engine?

Asked by: Ian Burns  | Wednesday 12 November, 7.31pm | 1 answer

Hull Blacking

I plan to black the hull of my 40ft narrow boat this November. Can you please tell me if I need to black the base plate as well as the hull sides?

Asked by: John Phillip Lloyd  | Monday 3 November, 3.38pm | 2 answers

Nanni Engine

i'm looking into buying a 55ft trad with a Nanni engine, however i've not come across this make of engine before, are they any good, and are they widely serviced?
Cheers M

Asked by: Mark Bromley  | Saturday 1 November, 2.14pm | 3 answers

double glazing

How efective is double glazed windows in stopping condenstation

Asked by: george  | Wednesday 29 October, 1.53pm | 1 answer

Gas hob

I'm fitting a new kitchen on a narrowboat. Can I use a natural gas domestic hob using propane or do I need to buy a hob made specifically for a boat? Thanks, Jo

Asked by: joannagreen  | Wednesday 29 October, 1.41pm | 3 answers


We have bought a35 ft liverpool narrow boat with a 20hp beta.the handbook says it has a 20amp alternator.we have an electric fridge and no tv, is the alternator big enough or perhaps a solar panel would help to charge batteries.it seems ok up until now, about six months

Asked by: ken button  | Thursday 23 October, 6.46pm | 2 answers

What size and type of anchor

I need to buy a new anchor for my narrowboat - 58', 16 tonnes. The question is what type and size of anchor? I have used Danforth anchors on boats in the past but on a narrowboat I find the projecting ends of the cylindrical bar at the bottom of the flukes is a nuisance. A "French" or "grip" anchor is an alternative. Another option is a folding grapple anchor which may be a better option for rivers. Your thoughts please on the type and weight of anchor.
The next question is then what length of anchor chain? I presume that the length will depend largely on the weight of chain and I see that one of the standard sizes which seems to be offered by chandleries is 3/8". Could you please advise me on the length of chain needed for the suggested anchor matched with my boat?
Thank you.

Asked by: Terry  | Thursday 23 October, 4.36am | 2 answers

Boat insurance

We are looking for a suitable boat insurance for France, can anybody recommend a company?

Asked by: Jim Latimer  | Saturday 18 October, 12.21pm | 1 answer

Bow thruster

I am looking for a bow thruster for a 15mtr Tjalk from 1905, does anyone know where I can find one?

Asked by: Jim Latimer  | Friday 17 October, 1.01pm | no answers yet - add one

sailing in europe

I have a 52ft narrowboat with 1.5 BMC engine, would that be able to sail the european rivers and canals. If not, What would be the minimum requirements?

Asked by: david gibbons  | Thursday 16 October, 6.54pm | 1 answer

Battery power on display.

Hi, I'm not sure if I have a problem or not and will try to explain the best that I can.
My shoreline electric is plugged in and working. On the battery and power info display unit the small AC in and AC out lights are both on as is the charge and inverter bypass lights. The COM light is flashing. Usually no matter what I'm using on the mains power like kettle or washing machine the batteries always show 104% charged and 13.8v. The last few days when boiling the kettle or running the washing machine the power display will drop as low as 90% charged. I have a Powermaster 1500w Pure Sine Wave Inverter/charger and worried I may have a problem. The 3 domestic batteries are 12 months old and always have shown 104% charged and 13.8v has mentioned earlier. More info if you require it, thanks in advance.

Asked by: Trevor Smith  | Tuesday 14 October, 6.33pm | 4 answers

Diesel tank capacity.

Hi Guys,
I have just purchased some Exorcet Marine Fuel Conditioner and I need a guide to the capacity of my 57 foot boat diesel tank to work out how much Exzorcet to use. Just a guide would be helpful, thanks in advance.

Asked by: Trevor Smith  | Saturday 11 October, 5.41pm | 3 answers

Engine Losing Revs

I have a Barrus Shire 50HP engine with 200Hrs clocked. The strangest phenomenon started to occur quite recently. Whilst cruising the tickover dropped from 900rpm to 500rpm and obviously the engine vibrated viciously and cut out. This happened a number of times, so I decided to increase the tickover to 1250rpm. Now when I start the cold engine it revs to 1250 until it heats up then drops back to 850rpm. This is a 'sticking plaster'cure but I have lost 400rpm?

Asked by: Mike Holyoake  | Thursday 9 October, 4.25pm | 1 answer

Repairs to fridge

Our Electrolux 3fuel fridge still works on electricity but has stopped working on gas, even though the pilot works ok. The appliance is quite old, what are the chances of getting the gas cooling working again?

Asked by: John Rich  | Wednesday 24 September, 9.01pm | 1 answer

Best/adequate pressure washer psi to use

What would be the best/adequate bar/psi to hire for cleaning the bottom of my boat prior to blacking?

Asked by: robert statham  | Thursday 18 September, 5.41pm | 1 answer

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