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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Inverter and coffee machine

I've just bought a 1460w coffee machine that uses pods. I've got a 3000w modified sine inverter. The coffee machine won't work. What's wrong? My guess is that it needs a pure sine but I can't see why really as it's just a water heaater with a pump isn't it?
When I use it on hookup it's ready to go in a few seconds. From the inverter the warming up light just goes on and stays on. Oh, Ive got 5 brand new 110amp batteries too.
Help, I need my espresso!!

Asked by: Carl Young  | Sunday 17 March, 1.26pm | 4 answers


Any one used one of the Powerstop Propellers it might be an improvement in reveres but do you suffer in forward propulsion

Asked by: Don Hall  | Saturday 16 March, 3.34pm | 3 answers

Mooring ropes.

What is the recomended length of mooring ropes for river & canal use. What Diam. recomended eyes.

Asked by: John Dymond  | Saturday 16 March, 2.04pm | 5 answers

kindle fire hd

Can I view waterways world online with a kindle fire hd

Asked by: Bob Murray  | Thursday 14 March, 2.06pm | 1 answer

Ceiling height and skylights

I am just starting to learn about narrowboats and I have found one I might really like, but the roof is quite a bit too low for me (it needs at least 3 more inches). It should have room to still fit under bridges, since there's a permanent little hatch thing in the middle with 2 tiny portholes on each side sticking out of the roof that is at least 7 or 8 inches high. This might be impossible, but how difficult/costly do you think it might be to raise a ceiling? While I'm at it, could I put skylights in, or is there some reason skylights don't work with narrowboats? I hope these aren't really stupid questions! Thanks.

Asked by: Shannon Thiessen  | Wednesday 13 March, 9.12pm | 1 answer

Engine oil changes

I had a full engine service at the end of August 2012. I then did two weekend trips, total engine hours approx 15 hours, since then the boat has been sitting in the marine.
My question is do I need to change the oil and filter again after it has been sitting doing nothing all winter or can I leave it untill August 2013.
I will of course drain any water from the fuel filters.

Asked by: boatfitout  | Wednesday 13 March, 5.51pm | 1 answer


can any one tell me where i can buy a tin of masons midnight blue?

Asked by: andy wakler  | Wednesday 6 March, 2.20pm | 1 answer

preston brook

does any one know when the aqeduct to preston brook is due to open?

Asked by: andy wakler  | Wednesday 6 March, 2.15pm | 1 answer

Calder and Hebble Dimensions

We are thinking of cruising this waterway in 2013 and we have been using your October 2012 article as a guide. It gives the maximum length 57ft 6in or 60ft for a narrowboat. The Waterscape guide gives 54.13ft or 16.5m. Our boat is 57ft 6in, who is right?

Asked by: Nigel Scott  | Monday 4 March, 9.59am | 2 answers


is WaterwaysWorld available in line, say via PocketMags ?

Asked by: Brian Northcott  | Friday 1 March, 8.53pm | 2 answers

cold water tank

cold water tank for the front of my narrow boat ,what outlets do i need and what is the best tank to buy

Asked by: geoff Hardy  | Wednesday 27 February, 8.17pm | 4 answers

Fitting central heating radiators

I have a 50 foot cruiser stern narrowboat heated by a multi fuel stove and Alde boiler driven gas central heating via a skirting radiator running most of the interior length of the boat. The gas system is ineffective, the radiator barely getting warm; using it to supplement the stove in this extremely cold weather is not working and the system won't work well enough on chilly Spring mornings, for example. I want to replace the skirting radiator with conventional panel ones. My questions are:
1. How large can the radiators be to be driven efficiently by the Alde boiler and circulation pump?
2. How many radiators can I sensibly install (I am thinking 3).
3. Anything I need to be aware of in undertaking this work, e.g. there can't be a return flow on the system because the skirting radiator (onto whose pipework conventional rads would be fitted) flows only one way to and from the boiler)?
Thank you.

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Sunday 24 February, 7.53pm | 5 answers

Wiring for 12v fridge

I am going to buy a shoreline fridge and have a spare connection on my control panel. I have been told that standard 12v cable would not be sufficient for this and would need something thicker? Fridge will be approx. 25feet from the control panel. Any advice appreciated.

Asked by: Paul Jones  | Sunday 24 February, 7.27pm | 3 answers

What paint

I own a narrowboat i bought 2nd hand which was made by Liverpool boats. I need to touch up some of the paintwork but have no idea what colours i would need to match the present colours and as Liverpool boats no longer exist can't contact them (no info in pack that came with the boat). Any ideas?

Asked by: Paul Jones  | Sunday 24 February, 7.01pm | 2 answers

Battery Safety

I was speaking to a narrowboat owner who had his expensive batteriers stolen from his cruiser stern narrowboat whilst it was left unattended for a few days. Do you have any suggestions as to how the deck boards covering the engine hole can be made secure? I have not seen any security arrangements on other cruiser stern boats. Thanks for any help which you can give.

Asked by: Alan Denney  | Wednesday 20 February, 9.38pm | 2 answers


I have just spent a lot of hours looking for a 12v power shower to fit(if there is such a beast?)
I think,in fact I know I need some advice please from some clever person out there.
Do I need seperate pump and shower or do I get a 12 v shower mixer unit and if so from were please? Or I I looking at this completley wrong???

Asked by: RAY GORMAN  | Thursday 31 January, 12.05pm | 4 answers

gas fires

I have seen online a Hunter 4 LPG which is recommended for canal boats but I am wondering how it can be fixed to the hearth whiich is tiled.Can the BSS give me any advice. I don`t want to buy it if it won`t pass its test.

Asked by: Rosemary Hale  | Tuesday 29 January, 11.48am | 3 answers

water tank

my water tank keeps banging when emptying about three quarters and when filling about a third can you help

Asked by: Peter  | Sunday 27 January, 1.25pm | 3 answers

Buy & Fit Windows in London

We have a second hand boat, and the person who originally fitted it did everything 'on the cheap' I assume..
The windows really need replacing as they let in so much cold and condensation. Does anyone know of any company that supplies and fits boat windows (in London)?

Asked by: Mustang  | Tuesday 22 January, 12.06pm | no answers yet - add one

What came first 2

Rupert thanks for the answer to my question yesterday. I am interested in learning more on the beginning's of the canal system. the when`s why`s and who`s. Could you recommend any reading ? Thanks.

Asked by: Mr Vernon Whitehair  | Tuesday 22 January, 10.15am | 4 answers

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