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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Thetford 200 to 260 conversion

I'm buying a boat that has a c200 plumbed in. I'd like to change that to the porcalain bowl 260c. Anyone know if thats a straight forward thing to do? Fittings in the same place? Also, is the cassette much bigger on the 260? The cassette is removed into a cupboard on the boat and it looks a bit tight already, getting it out. Thanks.

Asked by: Carl Young  | Sunday 13 May, 12.13am | 1 answer

harral brokerage


Asked by: andy wakler  | Thursday 10 May, 5.44pm | 1 answer

painting a narrowboat

Can you recommend any articles or publications on painting and bottom blacking a narrowboat? Also what paints are especially recommended?

Asked by: Brian Woods  | Thursday 10 May, 2.23pm | 3 answers

Removal of chimney

I am trying to remove the chimney coller from the roof of my narrow boat whilst its in the paint shed to allow the roof to be painted. I have removed the 2 bolts but I am having difficulty separating the coller from the flue pipe. Any ideas please.

Asked by: Mike Jordan  | Wednesday 9 May, 4.36pm | 3 answers

leak on gas fridge

i have a problem with a small leak on the pipe or the fridge itself how can i fix it and then test it before i can get the bs certificate

Asked by: michael ellis  | Wednesday 9 May, 12.25pm | 2 answers


what size make model inverter would be suitable for a 57ft liverboard, it will have onboard washing machine 3 tv,s fridge, freezer about 18 down lights,etc diesel heating,etc thankyou

Asked by: andy wakler  | Tuesday 8 May, 11.10pm | 1 answer


does anyone know what the best dongle is to use on a nb

Asked by: andy wakler  | Tuesday 8 May, 6.13pm | 3 answers

water heater

hi whats the best diesel water heater to buy for a 57ft nb, it will have 4 radiators, and what kw will be best i have been told 4kw but not sure thanks

Asked by: andy wakler  | Tuesday 8 May, 6.02pm | 2 answers

Outboard Motor Fuel Consumption

Hello, I have been looking to buy a small boat and have seen a 25 footer with an outboard petrol motor, due to this it has only got two small compartments to hold two small gerry can style fuel tank (15 lt each) This does not seem like much, how far can an outboard motor be expected to go on 15 litres of petrol? Thanks

Asked by: Dan Brown  | Tuesday 8 May, 4.56pm | 4 answers


Can you please tell me the size of battery bank i will need for a 57ft liverboard thanks.

Asked by: andy wakler  | Monday 7 May, 9.56pm | 2 answers

Steering a Wide Beam Narrow Boat.

We are summer time live aboards, dont like the cold.... but are very interested in trading up to a Wide Beam and would value any comments from Wide Beam owners about the steering ( Handling of such beasts)relative to a narrow Boat

Asked by: Mark Meopham  | Monday 7 May, 2.05pm | 2 answers

Strange heating system??

Hi, I'm new to boats and looking to buy one. I have my eye on one but I can't fathom out how the heating and hot water work. The chap that showed me round it didn't know much ether as he was just a keyholder really. There is no radiator type central heating nor instant hot water gadget next to the sink or shower.
There is a large multi fuel stove centrally located, which has thick copper pipe coming out of the back of it. That pipe disappears through a unit and reappears in the bathroom where it is bent around to form a big "S" shape, making what looks like a good radiator. It then continues towards the back of the boat. I took a couple of pictures, which you can see if you click these links.
Can anyone tell me what this system is? What are the advantages and disadvantages and is it expandable? Thanks you.

Asked by: Carl Young  | Sunday 6 May, 8.15am | 4 answers

best boat to sell on

Can anyone tell me what is the most popular of the three to be sold a trad a semi trad or a cruiser all being brand new 57ft long and do the prices vary a lot, thankyou

Asked by: andy wakler  | Saturday 5 May, 10.05pm | 1 answer

12v - 240v same time?

This is probably a stupid question but, can you have both running at the same time? It I had, say 1 12v tv with a 240v satelite receiver, would that work? Likewise, 12v lighting while running a 240v computer.. etc

Asked by: Carl Young  | Wednesday 2 May, 7.39pm | 2 answers

How do I get oil out of my diesel engine cooling system?

My head gasket has blown, leading to engine oil in my narrowboat's water cooling system, including skin tank. The gasket has been changed, but what's the best way of flushing out the water system, including skin tank?

Asked by: Andrew Schmidt  | Wednesday 2 May, 3.12pm | 1 answer

How do I get rid of diesel smells?

I have a diesel heater in my saloon and there's always at least a faint smell of diesel hanging around my clothes & soft furnishings, and presumably on the floor and walls.
In addition there are always little spills of diesel around the boat, for example if you tread on a small splash of it when refuelling - then you can walk it through the boat without realising it.
Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of diesel and other fuel smells?

Asked by: Robert King  | Wednesday 2 May, 2.58pm | 1 answer

Toilet- retrofit?

Hi, I'm looking for a boat to buy 50-57 foot. I keep seeing boats I really like and seem almost perfect and then I get to porta-potti or cassette... and that's where I stop looking because I definitely want a pump out toilet. Is it generally possible to retro fit a pumpout toilet? If so, what sort of cost would we be talking about? Thanks.

Asked by: Carl Young  | Wednesday 2 May, 6.46am | 1 answer

security windows

I'm going to be living aboard,continuous cruising, on my own. I'm worried that if I leave my boat for a few days (visiting a relative or something) it may get broken into or the windows smashed. Ive thought about steel shutters for the windows but I've been given estimates at £400 per window and told that its a very awkward thing to install. What do others recommend? I have seen Wocester Marine's replacement windows, which look ideal. You take the glass out and replace it with a 3mm steel insert. Anyone seen these? Any good? Thanks.

Asked by: Carl Young  | Tuesday 1 May, 8.21pm | 2 answers

Engine cooling systems.

Am I right in thinking that you can't use a raw water cooled engine in freezing weather because you have to drain it? Not for a continuous cruiser then?

Asked by: Carl Young  | Tuesday 1 May, 8.10pm | 3 answers

Do de-sulphation devices work?

I seem to have to replace my leisure batteries too often. Although they are on a three stage charger on my mooring, when cruising it is not always possible to keep them fully topped up and incremental low charging takes its toll. I have seen these devides advertised, you seemingly leave them connected to the batter bank and they help to prevent build-up. What do you think?

Asked by: Nigel Scott  | Monday 30 April, 5.22pm | 2 answers

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