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Mooring ropes

Hi, can you recommend the best type of rope, and thickness, for a 20 meter barge on a river side mooring. Thanks

Asked by: Izabella  | 11.40am, Monday 7 May

WW says:

When a boat is moored, the rope that ties it to the bank must be strong enough not to break under the worst conditions. A river mooring means that there are larger forces at play on the boat due to the flow of water and possibly changes of direction if moored on a tidal section. A barge is obviously heavier than a narrowboat which will also means larger forces for the same movement.
Most modern ropes are made from synthetic materials; both the familiar blue rope and the brown hemp lookalike rope are made from polypropylene which gives them good consistency, strength and long life.
I would suggest 24mm diameter synthetic hemp rope would be good for a barge; it has a breaking strain of just under 6 tonnes, it is big enough to look suitable yet still be easy to handle and will fit nicely around the double bollards often fitted.
It is always worth periodically checking ropes for damage over their length, as frays and damage reduces the breaking strain considerably.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.47PM, Monday 7 May

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