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Gas changeover valves with opso now have pol connectors on the hoses but my tanks are m20. Can I just use my old hoses? Otherwise the only changeovers I can find are ROI.
Also, Does nobody make a 15mm bubble tester? Seems rather dtupid to have to reduce from 15mm to 10mm then back up to 15

Asked by: Doug Ashby  | 10.08pm, Monday 11 June

WW says:

There is currently only one manufacturer of Bubble Testers and there are two sizes fitting 8mm and 10mm pipe. If your system is piped in 15mm pipe the total load may exceed the total 12kW appliance capacity of the bubble tester. A bubble tester bypass with a valve is often fitted for high capacity systems. With the valve open the gas flows round the bypass; with it closed the gas is directed through the bubble tester so it can be used to check the system.
Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) valves are often fitted to gas changeover systems. They are safety devices that should only operate if the boat gas system pressure rises to around 100mBar but they can sometimes trip unexpectedly giving rise to uncooked meals.
Boat propane cylinders generally use POL connectors; what bottles are you using? Only reuse the old pigtail hoses if they are in good condition.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.50PM, Friday 15 June

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