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Dometic fridge

I was told you can re-gas a Dometic fridge - it is a small one that runs off of 12 /24 volt and gas. Can anyone advise me please on the procedure and who in London might undertake the work?

Asked by: Judy Head  | 4.23pm, Thursday 5 July

WW says:

It is certainly possible to re-gas a fridge; however they do not generally lose refrigerant gas unless damaged in some way.
Since your fridge is an absorption type which relies on gas flow; it might have developed a bubble in the wrong place stopping it working properly. The solution is simple: disconnect the gas supply and empty the fridge then turn it upside down for at least 24hrs. Then turn it the right way up for another day before reconnecting it.
If this does not get it to work, you will need to replace it.
As a safety warning; gas fridges are a common source of CO gas especially if not vented outside, an alarm could be a life saver.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.14PM, Sunday 8 July

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