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Northern ring plaque

Dear Waterways World,
I wonder if you can help me. In your Annual magazine you publish an article that describes all the recognised cruising rings. We are currently doing the 'big northern ring' and really enjoying it. We like to collect the commemorative brass plaques as we complete such challenges and display them on our boat. However, we cannot find a plaque to represent this cruising ring.
As you describe this ring in your magazine I wonder if you can you advise me where to find a plaque or advise who makes them so I can ask them if they have any available?
Yours sincerely
Heather dawes.

Asked by: Robert Cowling   | 3.30pm, Monday 23 July

WW says:

As far as we know, no one makes a Big Northern Ring plaque. The WW Annual lists 13 cruising rings, but we have seen only nine ready-made 'ring' plaques, from the largest such supplier, Central Waterways Supplies, at £8.99 each .
They told us that they will respond if there is enough demand, but they would have to produce 'thousands'.
With the BNR being a marathon of over 360 miles and taking at least 3 weeks, the demand they require is unlikely to be met.
Probably the biggest supplier of such plaques is Madeley Castings in Telford (01952 583004, madeleybrasscastings.co.uk), who claim to make most of the canal plaques now sold to boaters. They can do 'one-offs', but you would need to sketch a design yourself, which might be a bit expensive.
Andrew Denny

Andrew Denny  | 1.02PM, Tuesday 31 July

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