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What size fuse from battery to solar battery controller 60amp

Asked by: Mick malton  | 6.38pm, Monday 23 July

WW says:

The fuse depends on the current rating of the cable, as well as the maximum current that the solar panels can produce. So if your solar panels are, say, 120W at 12V, then the current would be 10A, and so the fuse should be slightly higher- say 15A. However, if you were using cable that was only rated at 15A maximum, then the fuse should should be lower than the current rating of the cable (so here would be less than 14A).

Mark Langley  | 11.17AM, Tuesday 24 July

I would like to add that it is best to oversize the cable; this will give a good safety margin but more importantly will ensure a low voltage drop and less power loss.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.45PM, Wednesday 25 July

Readers say:

As Mick mentions his charge controller is rated at 60A, I wonder if it is an "MPPT" type? If this is the case then the the cable between the controller and battery must be able to handle 60A and have a fuse suitably rated to protect it from overload. An MPPT charge controller will self limit at the rated output current, the fuse is primarily to protect the cable and should be close to the battery.
Fuses are rarely used in the cables from the solar panels to the charge controller.

Eddie Tottle  | 11.13PM, Tuesday 31 July

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