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Looking fior washer dryer

We are having a boat built. Need to decide on washer /dryer with depth available 540. Have you any suggestions as to a washer dryer? To consider amongst other things; can it do a separate wash cycle and separate dry cycle? Noise? Dimensions? Amount of water used? Quick wash cycle?

Asked by: Di Greasley  | 4.17pm, Thursday 26 July

WW says:

The major consideration for the selection of a washer dryer for a boat is the power consumption. Unless it is only to be used when connected to shore power, the onboard 230V electric system will need to be designed to supply the requisite power and to avoid flattening the batteries the engine usually needs to be run whilst the machine is in use.
Washer dryers tend to use more power than individual appliances because all the residual water in the machine from the washing process needs to be evaporated as well as from the clothes. Arranging a good connection for the output to go outside will stop condensation within the boat, a dedicated mushroom vent would work well.

Rupert Smedley  | 6.09PM, Thursday 26 July

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