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New to this so any advise please would be really appreciated. Has anyone used a prity w12pm wood burner 4+12kw and would it be to big for a 57ft
Many thanks

Asked by: ladyt  | 9.55pm, Tuesday 7 August

WW says:

I have not looked at the wood burner, but 12kW is rather too much unless you are keen on saunas.
A resonable size stove for a narrowboat is around the 5kW mark depending on where it is situated (better somewhere towards the middle for optimum heat distribution). A bigger stove could be fitted in a widebeam boat.

Rupert Smedley  | 7.46AM, Wednesday 8 August

Probably the most commonly fitted stove is the Morso Squirrel. I had one on a narrowboat and it worked very well. It is easy to control but I have known the top plates crack after several years of use.
In a fit of patriotism, I decided to fit a Little Wenlock stove on the next boat. This seems generally better made but, having only one air inlet, it is not as controllable.
Whatever type you choose, I suspect that you would be lucky to have the amount of control you might have with the same stove fitted in a cottage. This is because the flue height is much less on a boat and this limits the amount of updraught. You can fit a taller chimney when you are moored but even this is not as good as a domestic flue.

Graham Booth  | 2.26PM, Wednesday 8 August

Readers say:

Dear Rupert
Many thanks for the advise. Looking to get a stove with backboiler any suggestions please?

ladyt  | 11.13AM, Wednesday 8 August

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