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New to this so any advise please would be really appreciated. Has anyone used a prity w12pm wood burner 4+12kw and would it be to big for a 57ft
Many thanks

Asked by: ladyt  | 9.55pm, Tuesday 7 August

WW says:

I have not looked at the wood burner, but 12kW is rather too much unless you are keen on saunas.
A resonable size stove for a narrowboat is around the 5kW mark depending on where it is situated (better somewhere towards the middle for optimum heat distribution). A bigger stove could be fitted in a widebeam boat.

Rupert Smedley  | 7.46AM, Wednesday 8 August

Probably the most commonly fitted stove is the Morso Squirrel. I had one on a narrowboat and it worked very well. It is easy to control but I have known the top plates crack after several years of use.
In a fit of patriotism, I decided to fit a Little Wenlock stove on the next boat. This seems generally better made but, having only one air inlet, it is not as controllable.
Whatever type you choose, I suspect that you would be lucky to have the amount of control you might have with the same stove fitted in a cottage. This is because the flue height is much less on a boat and this limits the amount of updraught. You can fit a taller chimney when you are moored but even this is not as good as a domestic flue.

Graham Booth  | 2.26PM, Wednesday 8 August

Readers say:

Dear Rupert
Many thanks for the advise. Looking to get a stove with backboiler any suggestions please?

ladyt  | 11.13AM, Wednesday 8 August

A coal and wood burner, Multi-fuel stove be more useful ? Can anyone explain the types of coal available and how it burns ?
From the 23rd August the supermarket Aldi has an electric chain saw for sale at £70, which can be extended to aprox, 2.4 m. Water may be a problem as electricity does not mix with water very well when one is part of the circuit. Watts are 750 so OK for 1kw generator. DO NOT FORGET THE GROUND (EARTH) LEAD ROD

Gary  | 1.17AM, Sunday 19 August

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