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Smoking exhaust from a Barrus Shires.

My 2007 Barrus Shires 45 which has done in the region of 5500 hours, has recently started to emit a smoke particularly an tick over.
Is this normal or do I have a problem that I need to deal with?

Asked by: Mike Halsall  | 6.06pm, Wednesday 8 August

WW says:

Some smoke with an older engine is likely, however it could be that oil is making its way past the piston rings, building up at tickover when the cylinder isn't so hot to burn the oil completely. Are you finding that you need to top up the engine oil more?
Another possibility is that the air filter (if fitted) needs cleaning and/or the injectors might need a service. If the engine is otherwise running normally, it might well be something that you just pick up at if/when you next have the engine professionally serviced.

Mark Langley  | 11.04AM, Friday 10 August

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