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Dear WW,
I'm refitting the kitchen on my 50ft narrowboat, needless to say I have limited space, for ages now I've been searching for a oven/grill (preferably integrated not freestanding) that will fit in the space I have which is 50cm wide and 55cm deep.
Please help, it's driving me to distraction.
Kindest rgds

Asked by: paul mappley  | 11.23pm, Wednesday 8 August

WW says:

Thetford and Dometic both make units that are designed to run on LPG from the start and are a good size for boats. Many easily will fit in a 50cm or less opening- both freestanding and integrated. All units have flame supervision devices on all burners, as required by the BSS for new appliances installed on boats.

Mark Langley  | 11.30AM, Thursday 9 August

Ah, OK- thats more of a challenge! I think I would have to defer to a big high street retailer on that front- there are very few boat-specific 230V cookers around (though there are commercial ones, though some would be 3-phase AC).

Mark Langley  | 10.56AM, Friday 10 August

Readers say:

Thank you so much for your prompt response Mark, I'm such a butter brain I meant to say in my original post that the oven/grill needs to be electric!

paul mappley  | 12.07PM, Thursday 9 August

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