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Electric engine power

Hi, I am thinking about putting an electric engine in to my 39 foot narrowboat and I am trying to find out what kind of power I will need.

Asked by: Fiona  | 8.07am, Thursday 9 August

WW says:

With electric engines, the power required is surprisingly small, far less than the nominal output of a comparable diesel engine.
Sizing electric engines can be quite problematic- and of course there is the added complication of battery storage, charging, ventilation, etc. that goes with it. The power you need will depend on where you intend cruising, as well as the range you require and so on. Also, if you are replacing your current diesel engine, then you will need to consider if the current sterngeat is adequate- you may, for example, need to change the prop, depending on the torque output of the electric motor- as well as to how you attach the motor to the sterngear (i.e direct or indirect coupling).
For some good, impartial advice, the Electric Boat Association https://www.electricboatassociation.org/ are very helpful.

Mark Langley  | 11.34AM, Thursday 9 August

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