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2-pack on top of bitumen

My narrowboat was blacked only last year, but in the winter I was forced to do some icebreaking and it neatly removed a lot of the bitumen. I wanted to get it done again, and the boatyard is recommending 2-pack epoxy. Your last feature on the subject (October 2017) said 2-pack would last a decade or more - does that apply to icebreaking too?

Asked by: Andrew Denny  | 10.45am, Tuesday 4 September

WW says:

Ice breaking comes in the category of "mechanical abrasion" and I do not think that any paint will be impervious!
The best way to get a long life from the paint on your boat is to moor it up safely in a marina with fenders and not go anywhere.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.57AM, Tuesday 4 September

Th article actually says that, with 2-pack paint, docking intervals for a narrowboat could be stretched to five or six years. You might get more on a river or coastal boat that doesn't regularly scrape along banks and lock sides. Ice breaking could reduce the interval still further.
The title of the question mentions putting two pack over bitumen. The general advice on this is that, to get the maximum benefit, all the bitumen should be removed by grit blasting before the 2-pack is applied. Applying it directly over bitumen would probably work for a while but I doubt if it would be much longer than re-coating with more bitumen paint.

Graham Booth  | 10.54AM, Wednesday 5 September

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