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over heating engine on rivers only

For those whos engines overheat on rivers only, would it be feasible to add a small radiator with a fan running out of side of hull. Waterline may be a problem if so mount it higher up ??

Asked by: Gary  | 2.24pm, Friday 12 October

WW says:

It sounds as though your boat suffers from the surprisingly common problem of inadequate skin tank cooling area.
Unfortunately your idea sounds as though it would increase the width of the boat and could be vulnerable. Although additional cooling is needed fitting an additional external radiator and fan would be difficult as the water will not circulate properly if the radiator is above the engine.
Incidentally lorry radiators were sometimes fitted in working boats with the engine room doors left open to provide a supply of cooling air.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.50PM, Friday 12 October

An easier option might be to fit a plate heat exchanger in the coolant circuit, and tap the heat into the cabin heating system. Alternatively, you could run (say the calorifier return hose) though a car heater, and duct air from outside the boat, through the heater and outside again- which should be able to shift a considerable amount of heat. This would be easier that a radiator itself- and could be easily controllable, as most car fans (if you took it from a scrapyard) have variable speed controllers- and can easily shift 3kW+ of thermal load. It is also neater, as you would mount it in the engine space, and would just need an air outlet (and preferably an air inlet from outside).

Mark Langley  | 2.51PM, Friday 12 October

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