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Honda Gas Generator

If using the above gene can we have a gas connection within the gas locker for making temporary connection as required.
Intend to use gene outside what is max length gas hose and what material should it be

Asked by: angela  | 1.56pm, Wednesday 5 December

WW says:

Interesting question, I have contacted the BSS office for their thoughts.......

Rupert Smedley  | 3.36PM, Wednesday 5 December

I have not yet had a reply from the BSS office; however it is certainly allowable to have a connection for a portable gas appliance on the regulated supply, which is after the regulator. This can be of the plug-in type but must have a separate shut off valve to meet BSS requirements. It would potentially be VERY DANGEROUS to attempt an additional connection to the high pressure supply direct from the gas bottles.
Most petrol generators converted to run on LPG have a large gas demand reservoir/valve which is fed from a standard regulated supply at 37mBar.
The problems with your suggestion are:
The maximum length of typically orange BS 3212/2 flexible hose allowed by the BSS is 1 metre.
LPG powered generators are not BSS approved appliances. They do however present less of a storage hazard than a similar generator with a petrol tank which has the same storage requirements as gas bottles (an open location away from any openings into the boat or a ventilated locker that drains overboard).
I will update this reply after communication from the BSS office.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.44PM, Friday 7 December

Readers say:

Thank you so much. Wait to hear rep,y from BSS

angela  | 6.01PM, Friday 7 December

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