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Which way round for your bed

Which way round should one fit a double bed in a narrow boat so the boat does not wobble at night ?

Asked by: Gary  | 2.06am, Wednesday 9 January

WW says:

OK, let's get the flippant answer over with first.
I would have thought that it's not so much which way round the bed is as what you do once you are in it.
More seriously, assuming that the bed is lengthways, there is a school of though that says that the head of the bed should be nearest to the bow. This is probably to ensure that your head is higher than the rest of you and not below it. However, unless the boat is trimmed with the bow considerably higher than the stern, it probably makes little difference.
Crossways beds might result in the boat tipping slightly as you get in but, once there, it shouldn't cause the boat to move too much. If it does, see answer 1.

Graham Booth  | 10.38AM, Wednesday 9 January

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