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"Outboards, power of TORQUE what rivers can I go on ?"

Knowing what torque is, but not knowing what it is capable of on rivers like the tidal Trent and others as love to visit all inland waterways in UK (not Scotland) The engine held the boat stationary OK by Denver sluice lock on the tidal side with a good current not in flood. Mark Smedley said in his super article (Feb 2019) he wished to go to Hull presumably along the coast from the Yorkshire Ouse. Would he need an engine upgrade ? I would not be keen with a 25 HP outboard to attempt The Wash, even a short skip.
I have on my boat an Mercury 25 HP (18.39 kw) EFI 3 cylinder 526 cubic capacity (cc), Four Stroke outboard with alternator power 186 Watt, 15 amp. For the record the gear ratio is 1.92:1 2-valve single overhead cam. Prop that came with the engine as new in 2014. With an hydraulic trim for tilting the engine.
Engine fitted to a Viking 28 narrow beam (NB) cruiser (Viking Cruisers, Dunmow, Essex). We will take it the hull is clean and hull shape is ??

Asked by: Gary  | 2.35pm, Friday 11 January

WW says:

My Viking 26 widebeam is slightly heavier than the 28 Narrowbeam Viking- and my Mercury 25hp EFI fourstroke has enough thrust to bring the boat to hullspeed at around 3/4 throttle- and can comfortably maintain 6 knots in still water...
From my moorings on the Yorkshire Waterways I can run down the Aire and Calder to the Ouse and the. to the Humber, rather than the Yorkshire Coast as such. While the V26 widebeam is category C (for inshore waters), the 28 Narrowbeam is category D and is best suited to sheltered waters. However, with good planning and suitable experience (to day skipper Navigation standard) then crossing the Wash from the Witham to the Great Ouse is possible.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me directly on m.langley@wwonline.co.uk

Mark Langley  | 10.08PM, Friday 11 January

If you plan your journeys to be with the tide it's absolutely fine- having done the tidal Trent in a very low-powered narrowboat as well as cruisers (such as a Norman Conquest with a 10hp outboard) 25hp is more than sufficient- as long as you don't plan to punch a spring ebb or flow!
Running down the Ouse/Humber from Goole to Hull is around 5h at 6kn- and most can be done with the ebb - punching the last bit of the flow. If weather conditions are less than ideal, than anchoring to await the turn of the tide is perfectly doable- and sometimes preferable (especially when I have done that in yachts). Planning cruising with a displacement, low powered cruiser is much like planning under sail- you make good use of tides. Although 25hp in a V26WB has easily enough power to make the turn into Selby or Keadby against a strong flow. Breaking up the trip (eg Cromwell to Torksey or West Stockwith) and running the trip in two chunks can make very good use of the tide. It's just a matter of planning.

Mark Langley  | 8.01AM, Saturday 12 January

Readers say:

I meant the Humber North coast not open sea. Do wide beam boats have moor drag ?
I would question if a 25 HP is adequate on the Tidal Trent or Humber! This is what I found not that I wished to go North of Keadby on my V. 28 NB.
it has asymmetric tides the flood runs at about five knots for four hours the ebb runs at about two and a half knots for eight hours. So is 7 Knot OK ?
So what is Tide speed on the Humber ?
I am finding it frustrating not being able to find out if my Viking 28 (28' x 6' 10") with 25 HP (see Outboard power Torque) is OK to go to ALL canals and Rivers. I know the boat is OK on the canals and most rivers, But Tidal Trent is fast flowing at times. Can I get into lock at Keadby without any worry. Can I navigate the Ribble link Safely ? Can I go from Lime-house to Teddington Lock safely on an Flood Tide, do I have time for to get to Teddington on one flood tide etc. ? My Prop is not like a big canal boats. I want to know here not when I get there as I don't like elf and safety much. Live on the edge a bit. So come on boaters say your bit.

Gary  | 3.15AM, Saturday 12 January

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