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Licence for cruising in Europe

I have booked a hire boat in Holland, which has an attachable 'splash' pool fitted on the back. Unfortunately, the combined length of the boat and pool means that I have to have a licence. But what kind of licence, and how do I get it? No one seems to know.
Keiran Wood

Asked by: Robert Cowling   | 10.13am, Tuesday 29 January

WW says:

You will need a ICC - International Certificate of Competence (ICC) , with CEVNII endorsement. There are several organisations who would be able to provide this for you in the UK, with a training course and exam, or, if you have a Day Skipper (practical) or above RYA qualification (and are an RYA member) would may be able to take the direct route, just taking the CEVNII paper-based assessment.
Its unusual for a hire boat through a rental company in Europe to require a licence, unless you are going on exposed waterways- the hire company should be able to give more information on the qualifications they would accept. You can find details of training companies in Waterways World classified, and also by contacting the Royal Yachint Association on www.rya.org.uk

Mark Langley  | 1.38PM, Tuesday 29 January

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