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Sheffield canal transport companies

I'm about to repaint my narrowboat and am thinking of changing the name (which I"be never liked). Being based near Sheffield, I was thinking of using the name of an original canal shipping company that would have worked on the Sheffield and Tinsley Canal but can't find any reference to such companies anywhere. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

Asked by: Tony Richardson  | 1.06pm, Friday 8 February

WW says:

The trading boats generally seen on the canals around Sheffield would have been the wide Keels rather than narrowboats. In fact due to the slightly smaller locks, the Sheffield Keels were smaller than the Humber Keels.
As to carriers it would probably be best to look in the history archives in Sheffield. In my short research I did not turn up any notable names but it would be reasonable to assume that most waterside businesses would have had one or two Keels. I did find a fascinating filmin the Yorkshire film archive showing a 1959 trip from Sheffield basin.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.47PM, Friday 8 February

Readers say:

I haven't got an answer to the question but my Dad is going to love seeing this. Much of his mis-spent youth was spent on the Sheffield canal. He earned a few bob opening the locks for boats at Tinsley as well as 'Ratting' with his whippet on there during the late 40's early 50's. The bridge with the signpost over it is the one going under Staniforth Road. I used to love looking over it watching the rats running along the edge of the then orange water. My love of the canals started here when, instead of going to school I would go down to the basin and help out on the few boats that were there. Oh the memories. Thank you so much for sharing the link. :)

Dawn Poulter  | 6.44PM, Friday 15 February

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