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Deepest lock

According to my Nicholson guides the deepest lock in Britain is Bath Deep Lock at 19ft 5ins with Tuel Deep Lock on the Rochdale a close second at 19ft 4.25ins. Tuel Deep Lock recently has been claiming to be Britain's deepest at 19 ft 8.5ins. Has there been a change or is it cunning marketing by Pennine Waterways?

Asked by: Gavin Scott  | 9.30am, Wednesday 13 March

WW says:

Both Tuel Lane lock and Bath Deep lock have been created to take the place of two original locks. The one in Bath to enable the building of a road and in Sowerby Bridge to take the restored canal back under the road junction that had been dramatically altered while the Rochdale Canal was derelict.
CRT also think that Tuel Lane is the deepest in Britain with a rise of 6m; but this converts to 19ft 8.22 inches which is closer to 8 ¼ than 8 ½ .

Rupert Smedley  | 5.46PM, Wednesday 13 March

The text in the Nicholson guide might not have been properly updated since the Rochdale Canal was reopened.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.49PM, Wednesday 13 March

Readers say:

Thanks for that. I think you are probably right, but that round 6.0m does seem suspicious. Perhaps someone local could take a tape measure along. (Although locals may not want to lose bragging rights!)

Gavin Scott  | 8.32PM, Wednesday 13 March

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