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Should domestic battery bank be connected on a sailway?

We're on the verge of having our new sailaway delivered, but today recieved quotes called "Cabling costs, for location of batteries and electric" our package included boat side electronics and we're finding this a little hard to swallow. Are we off the mark or do we have any grounds to dispute this? Thanks for you help!

Asked by: Rebecca Shillito  | 3.08pm, Wednesday 13 March

WW says:

Unfortunately this depends what is in the specification and schedule of works in your contract. This should state exactly what you are paying for- and what you should get. There is no standard specification for a sailaway- it's a generic term used by boatbuilders and what you get for your money can vary a lot.
If you double check your contract then it should state what you have paid for- if it's very vague then you might be able to argue what is (and isn't) included.
If you want an off-line discussion please contact me on m.langley@wwonline.co.uk

Mark Langley  | 6.03PM, Wednesday 13 March

I would not expect a domestic battery bank on a Sailaway, just an engine start battery.

Rupert Smedley  | 7.29PM, Thursday 14 March

Readers say:

Thank you Mark!

Rebecca Shillito  | 7.10PM, Wednesday 13 March

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