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Robert Pike

We are about to buy a narrow boat and travel the waterways. Do marinas allow short stopovers, say for a day or two and to use their facilities?

Asked by: Robert Pike  | 4.22am, Thursday 14 March

WW says:

Many marinas do allow short moorings but it does depend on whether they have space. They do not often have moorings just for visitors, so a vacant berth will be allocated. If there is a specific marina facility that you need such as an electric hook-up it would be as well to book ahead. Many CRT and EA service blocks are surprisingly well equipped with pump-out, showers and washing machines; details of locations and facilities offered are available on the CRT website.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.22PM, Thursday 14 March

Readers say:

Thank you so much WW

Robert Pike  | 5.52PM, Thursday 14 March

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