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Engine size

Any thoughts on the engine capacity I'd need for a 35' narrowboat mainly used on rivers? She's likely to be moored on the Anglian river network.

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | 12.20pm, Tuesday 2 April

WW says:

Navigating on rivers obviously needs more power than canal cruising, it is always better to run a smaller engine harder than underutilising a much larger engine most of the time. I know a local 35ft narrowboat with a 28 HP three cylinder Beta that the owners have taken on most rivers with no problems.
The most important thing is for the engine to have enough cooling surface area so that it can be run at high power for extended periods.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.16PM, Tuesday 2 April

Personally, for extended river use I would consider an engine with fresh water cooling rather than skin-tank cooling. Ideally with two water inlets- one either side- and then the engine can be run at full power with no loss of cooling. You also can get a much quieter engine and exhaust if done well.

Mark Langley  | 5.40PM, Friday 5 April

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