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UPVC Front Doors

Hi - I'm looking to replace the teak front doors on our narrow boat with uPVC, as (1) the current doors need re-staining & varnishing. and (2) I found that the design is not weatherproof, rain pools on the top of the doors and is then blown in. (3) I'd like the new doors to be more secure too, the current ones are secured with an ugly padlock. I'm not worried about double glazing, as there isn't any elsewhere on the boat. The new doors will need vents though. So, i'm looking for comments, recommendations and things to beware of. Are there any companies that specialise? Thanks!

Asked by: Pete Samuels  | 4.45pm, Monday 8 April

WW says:

Some boats have uPVC doors but often the opening has been designed to take them as the door frame contains the seals, locking plates and hinges. Retro fitting to a narrowboat might end up with a rather narrow doorway because a uPVC frame will need to be fitted.
If your current doors have low level ventilation grills, it should be possible to fit them to the new doors unless they are fully glazed. Otherwise it is usually possible to fit vents into the cabin bulkhead which is usually better; the air can be ducted down towards the floor eliminating any draughts but still giving ventilation.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.39PM, Monday 8 April

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