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Despite taking great care to avoid this problem, I have noticed unsightly streaks from the stove chimney down the side of my newly painted boat. I have used several wash and wax products, even Jizer but to no avail, it still remains , any suggestions please?

Asked by: Gail Hark  | 10.21pm, Wednesday 10 April

WW says:

Stains from chimneys can be a problem. The moisture from combustion often condenses in the chimney; a lined chimney will direct this back down the flue instead of running out onto the roof. Burning dry fuel can help with excess moisture.
If the paintwork stains will not respond to cleaners a tougher response is to use a cutting compound such as T cut. Careful use will take off any polish and any stains but it will need polishing afterwards to restore the shine.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.16PM, Thursday 11 April

The best way is to stop the streaks in the first place. If you have a double skinned chimney of the right diameter for the pipe below, it SHOULD direct all the staining gunge back down the pipe to the fire. However, in practice, smoke can get sometimes between the inner and outer layer of the chimney and run down onto the paintwork.
The second best way is then to make sure you wipe up the streaks as quickly as possible so that they don't run too far and stain the paintwork. If the products you mention are not working, you could try something with a bit of 'bite' like T Cut or Cif.
Depending on the design of the boat's livery, it is a good idea to make sure that there is vertical framing under the drain where the gunge runs down the side, rather than a large panel. If the worse comes to the worst, you can then repaint the framing and not the whole side of the boat.

Graham Booth  | 5.23PM, Thursday 11 April

Readers say:

Thanks for your comments. I will certainly try the products you have suggested. I do have a double skin chimney but as you say smoke can get in between the layers.

Gail Hark  | 9.49PM, Friday 12 April

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