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Cruising canal network

Is there a suggested route to cruise the entire navigable network?
Roughly how long would it take, if travelling for 6 hours a day?
Are there any recommended sites to read about the experience of others?

Asked by: Rachel Eglinton  | 10.59am, Saturday 4 May

WW says:

There is not really an obvious route to cruise the whole of the connected waterways, as it will always involve doubling back over some parts.
Travelling for 6 hours every day should ensure that you can cover the system in around 6 months; however you may wish to take it more leisurely. It would be best to choose the summer months as some parts become less accessible in winter due to flooding affecting river navigation.
A handy reference is the Canal Time Map available from the IWA or use a canal route planner.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.19AM, Tuesday 7 May

Inspired by Rupert's suggestion, I went to the Canalplan website (canalplan.eu) which I find very useful. It is obviously intended for relatively short there and back routes or rings. However, by specifying a 180 day duration (roughly six months) and choosing intermediate points at the extremities of the system (Bristol, Llangollen, Skipton and Peterborough) I got quite an interesting result. The accompanying map misses out quite a few canals because you wouldn't need to use these to visit my four intermediate points but, by adding a few more strategically placed points, you could hone it to give you something approaching what you are looking for.

Graham Booth  | 6.44PM, Tuesday 7 May

Readers say:

Appreciate the responses, especially the links to sites & a planner. Thanks

Rachel Eglinton  | 7.27PM, Tuesday 7 May

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