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Solid fuel stove

Hello, I want to install a multi fuel stove on our sailaway narrowboat, what dimensions do I have to build the hearth, ive looked on the bss and the looked at the diagram they have and can not build the hearth that big as we have limited space, any advice would be great

Asked by: Vince Sherlock  | 3.18pm, Sunday 5 May

WW says:

The hearth projection in front of the stove is to catch any burning fuel that might fall out when the door is opened. The dimensions in BS 8511:2010 are 225mm in front and 150mm to each side; the front projection can be progressively reduced and a lip added, the minimum being a 100mm hearth with a 50mm up stand.
If you are struggling to meet the dimensions it might be worth considering a smaller stove or a different location.
If a stove is not installed to the British Standard and a subsequent boat fire is attributed to the installation it is possible that an insurance claim would be rejected.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.09PM, Tuesday 7 May

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