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Where to install battery isolator switch

I have a cruiser stern. Can I put the battery isolator switch in the engine bilge as I'm worried if I put outside vandal/theft could steal the key but wording of the BSS seems to suggest it must be outside?

Asked by: ladyt  | 6.05pm, Thursday 29 August

WW says:

It cannot be in the bilge (if you mean where it gets wet) but it most certainly can be in the engine bay- and that's a good place for it- as long as it can be easily accessed by lifting a batch, for example. The closer it is to the batteries the better. The position needs to be I dictated outside of the space if it is not obvious.
If you look at most narrowboats then this is the standard installation. Putting the switches outside the engine/electrical spaces means moving them further away from the batteries and so longer lengths of non-isolated cable, although access take precedence to closeness to batteries.

Mark Langley  | 6.31PM, Thursday 29 August

Readers say:

Thank you very much

ladyt  | 6.34PM, Thursday 29 August

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