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tiolet options

i understand that regarding toilets a pump out system can be emptied by the owner at no cost as opposed to a paid for pump out service. does this go into the canal ?, presumably with a degradable chemical

Asked by: mb  | 10.51am, Wednesday 4 September

WW says:

The first thing to say is that it certainly does not go into the canal.

  • Self pump out kits are available to buy and these can be electrically powered at around £420 or manually pumped at around £320.

  • They can be used at some sanitary stations but not all of them. You should look for notices at the station to tell you if it is permitted or not.

  • Two other things to consider are that the kit is quite bulky and, after use, some of the effluent will remain in the pipes no matter how much you rinse it. After a few uses, the joy of saving £18 or so may be superseded by the slightly unpleasant business of packing up the kit and finding somewhere to stow it on the boat.

    Graham Booth  | 5.08PM, Wednesday 4 September

    We have a manual pump out kit and I can testify that it takes quite a long time to pump out a full tank. Also, it does not do as good a job of removing the solids as a sanitary station machine or a boatyard.
    We used the kit for a couple of trips and then decided that the cost saving was not worth the hassle.

    Graham Booth  | 5.44PM, Wednesday 4 September

    A cassette type toilet can be emptied at all sanitary stations at no cost but some smell!

    Rupert Smedley  | 5.08PM, Thursday 5 September

    Readers say:

    thanks for that, so do u know what the person i read was referring to when he said that he pumps out his holding tank free

    mb  | 6.11PM, Friday 6 September

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