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isolators switch

if isolator switches [2] are turned off will solar panels still charge the batteries. i can only say that 2 simple flashing light regulators [dont know what they are called] were fitted with the 2 panels some years ago

Asked by: mb  | 6.07pm, Friday 6 September

WW says:

It depends how the solar panels have been wired in as to whether they will continue to charge the batteries when the isolators are turned off.
The usual method is to connect the panels, or the output from the regulator, directly to the battery. This bypasses the battery isolator and thus must have a separate fuse close to the battery to meet the BSS requirements. The only way to check that your panels have been wired correctly is to follow the wiring. If your panels have been wired into the fuse board the batteries will not be charged with the isolators are off.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.10PM, Friday 6 September

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