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What knot to use when tying briefly to a mooring ring?

I often tie up temporarily to just one mooring ring using my breast/mid-rope, say when filling with water or waiting for a lock, and can't tie it back on the boat. I always seem to end up tying one I can't untie!

Asked by: Andrew Denny  | 4.51pm, Tuesday 1 October

WW says:

Tying to a mooring ring can be tricky if the rope cannot be threaded through and tied back on the boat. Strapping or slowing the boat down isn't as easy with rings as with a bollard; when it is simply a case of dropping a turn around the bollard and holding the rope to provide enough friction to slow the motion.
Any knot will become quite tight directly onto a ring because the metal is a similar diameter to the rope. If the rope is threaded through the ring twice this increases the friction directly onto the ring and thus makes a knot easier to undo. I usually use a simple half hitch or overhand knot but made using a loop of the rope; thus it is easily undone by simply pulling on the free end, even if it has pulled tight.
(I can supply a photo if needed)

Rupert Smedley  | 5.35PM, Tuesday 1 October

I use a round turn and two half hitches, using a bight of line for the half hitches, which comes off when under pressure easily.

Mark Langley  | 2.35PM, Thursday 3 October

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