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Rivers Little Ouse and Wissey

I live close to Brandon on the river Little Ouse and have been told that the maximum length of narrowboat to navigate this river is 45 feet. However, the boat I am interested in buying is 58 feet. Can you tell me if I could use it in my local waters?
David Flack

Asked by: David Flack  | 11.08pm, Tuesday 29 October

WW says:

Max length through Brandon Lock according to EA is 12.4m (40ft) but slightly longer narrow beam craft will be able to fit in diagonally as it will take wide beam cruisers.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.24PM, Thursday 31 October

Readers say:

One can get a full length boat to the lock at Brandon. But you won't be able to get through the lock and access the last half mile. I have a 57' boat and can access all the tributaries of the Great Ouse.
Turning at Brandon can be tricky in low flow conditions, my advice is to go as close to the staunch as you can.

Simon Judge  | 1.05PM, Wednesday 30 October

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