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fertan v blacking

am going to pull my 34ft springer over a bit while a float to treat hull at the waterline, shes coming out in 5 monthes time to do proper job]
question is: would removing lose rust then blacking at the waterline suffice to stop FURTHER corrosion till she comes out, or would i need a rust converter [i do understand how converter works, i also have a way of preventing the converter from polluting canal]
my understanding is that providing the blacking keeps oxygen off the metal no further corrosion takes place, unless there more to it?

Asked by: mb  | 3.48pm, Wednesday 30 October

WW says:

The waterline is the point of maximum corrosion for steel boats with a noticeable line appearing on older boats. Cleaning the loose scale off and painting the metal with bituminous paint will stop further corrosion. You are correct in assuming that this is due to the paint forms a barrier between the oxygen (present in the water and air) and the metal surface.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.01PM, Wednesday 30 October

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