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WW says:
"The coverage of 1 litre of gloss paint will be around 12 sq metres. Your boat is around 10m long; assuming that you are intending to paint the inside surface of the cabin this should be possible with 5 litres but only just, for one coat of the sides and roof. It would be best to use a metal primer such as red oxide with a gloss top coat. To ensure a decent coating that will prevent future corrosion two top coats would be best."
is ur advice [above] to use metal primer for bare metal or painted or both, surfaces.
and is a regular good quality top coat ok

Asked by: mb  | 2.05pm, Thursday 31 October

WW says:

You only need to use primer on bare metal. Any regular decent top coat should be OK.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.58PM, Thursday 31 October

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