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fast drying blacking

may be out of ur scope but which blackings are fastest drying as i need to do waterline while boat is in water and dont fancy longer than necessary at 45 degree angle.
also can you suggest at least couple of good blacking paints

Asked by: mb  | 6.05pm, Friday 1 November

WW says:

Assuming you have bituminous paint on the hull now and are planning to put the same on top of it, they should all dry at about the same rate. The longer you can leave the paint to dry between coats and before re-immersing it, the longer it will last.

  • If you are seriously going to heel the boat over at 45 degrees, make sure that any openings in the hull on the downward side are well sealed

  • I have not used bituminous paint for many years so I cannot recommend a particular brand.

    Graham Booth  | 10.13AM, Saturday 2 November

    Keel black is supposed to dry quickly, I have no personal experience but any paint would be better than none!

    Rupert Smedley  | 1.31PM, Monday 4 November

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