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can ratchet strap pull boat over to paint waterline

as ive never used one, can a ratchet strap pull boat over a few degrees to paint hull at waterline
i think i understand principles involved, would use a separate rope to hold boat heeled over [towards canal bank] then take another "bite" with the ratchet strap and continue until i reached desired angle
am aware of open holes in hull [i have exactly that:), thanx for pointing out earlier] and securing cabin contents
34ft boat
my ratchet strap is: max load is 150 kg. breaking strength: 300 kg

Asked by: mb  | 12.11pm, Tuesday 5 November

WW says:

I think your plan is a good one.
It should not excede the breaking strain of your strap, however do ensure that a tripping hazard is not created.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.58PM, Tuesday 5 November

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