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whats the area of my hull

as im getting varying estimates from paint makers would u be able to calculate the area of a 34 ft [1990/91] springer V hull [up to gunwale], both including and excluding base plate if possible.
will put this most useful info with boats documents

Asked by: mb  | 3.31pm, Thursday 7 November

WW says:

Calculating the area to be blacked of a narrowboat is usually reasonably straight forward, unless it is a Springer. These boats have a vee bottom, which makes the calculation more complicated, but does make them swim well. Since they are made from relatively thin steel it is definitely worth painting the whole of the underwater surface. As a rough estimate I would put the area to be painted at around 42 sq metres.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.15PM, Sunday 10 November

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