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Canal craft query.

Hi, has anyone heard of canal craft hulls. Looked online and no info available. Any info on reliability and build quality would be appreciated. Or info on how to find out. Thankyou.

Asked by: Mr tony hunt  | 1.34pm, Wednesday 20 November

WW says:

Canalcraft were a boat builder based at Blisworth on the Grand Union.
They don't appear to exist any more.
Your best bet for information would be to try and contact owners via one of the online forums.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.34PM, Wednesday 20 November

It's a long time ago now but, as I recall it, there were two companies called Canalcraft (all one word). One was a broker based on the Grand Union run by David Dawson and the other was a boatbuilder based in the Midlands.
The boatbuilding company was started by Graham Parker and Neil Butlin. They built solid well-proportioned BCN style shells and were later absorbed into J D Boat Services. Here, they continued to build sound boats, some of which were hire boats some of which are, I believe, still in service. Graham later retired and Neil moved to work at Norton Canes Boatbuilders until he also retired. The company is still listed by Companies House with David Matthias of J D Boat Services as director.

Graham Booth  | 10.49PM, Wednesday 20 November

I have just discovered an old booklet that has an advert for Canal Craft, the boat broker. It seems that their name was in two words but the boatbuilder, Canalcraft was just one word. The broker was based at Bugbrooke Marina on the Grand Union

Graham Booth  | 8.32PM, Friday 29 November

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