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Fitting diesel heating system.

Any advice please on how easy - or not! - it would be to retro-fit a diesel heating system, e.g Kabola , to a diesel powered 40' narrowboat?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | 11.00am, Tuesday 26 November

WW says:

The method is similar to fitting a multi-fuel stove; similar attention is needed to the stove and flue surroundings to prevent the creation of a fire risk. The difference however is that a diesel stove such as a Kabola needs a piped fuel supply. Depending on where the stove is to be fitted in the boat will dictate whether a supply can be arranged from the existing diesel tank (in the stern) or a new tank fitted (in the bow). Although the stoves are designed to run from a gravity supply, a pump is often required as it is difficult to get enough flow especially if the pipe is long. There must also be a means to shut off the fuel within reach of the appliance to meet the BSS requirement.
Fitting an extra fuel tank just for the stove will mean that red diesel can be used for heating even when white fuel must be used for propulsion (ref: Brexit).

Rupert Smedley  | 1.07PM, Tuesday 26 November

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