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Single Handed Lock operation

I read the article in Feb issue on single handed lock operation and have a question.
The article says that you should tie off the bow and stern lines to central bollards. As the boat rises in the lock these lines will go slack, similarly as the boat descends the lines will get tighter?
A I missing something obvious? It seems to me that the boat would start moving on the way up or get hung up on the lines on the way down?
Thanks for any clarification.

Asked by: John Hitchins  | 6.25pm, Monday 30 January

WW says:

The important thing when single handing a boat though a lock is to have at least one rope on the lockside at all times, to enable control of the boat. Everyone will evolve their own methods when working alone through locks. Experience will tell you how the boat will behave, and ropes can be positioned to suit. The idea is that the ropes are positioned to stop the boat getting caught by moving too far forward or back. It is obviously important to prevent the boat being hung up.
The article is one way of working and my best advice is to work out a method that suits you and your boat.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.32PM, Monday 30 January

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